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Error when launching from launcher

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just downlaoded the daysrp launcher after a few months of now playing, when i have full patched i click "join server", the game begins to load but then stops and gives me this error,

"File @DayzRP\mod.cpp, line3:'.rp':'.' encountered instead of ="

i have no idea what the error means, anyone able to help out?

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I actually never use the launcher unless it's for updates. I usually go into-dayz commander, settings-look at the section 'dayz directory' press override next to that.-the box under 'dayz directory' should light up showing where the files are and can be changed.

-in the box the link should end \DayZ. Just add RP to the end of that DayZ

-now click 'launch game' and arma will start

-go to multiplayer screen in arma and filter DayZRP.com

-S1 and S2 should show. 

- now join and it should be fine

With this just make sure in commander settings that all directory boxes have the file location of Arma and Arma OA. Do not change these just the dayz directory. With the launcher to update files or patches I usually

-click to download launcher

-box will show by windows saying run, save etc.

-click run and let it open to patch or update files

-click it off. 

Launcher isn't downloaded but still works Try launching through commander following steps above

Follow the link fozzy added First then try my way :)

(Sorry typing this on phone on shakey train)

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yup, all good now, thanks

Good to know my guide was useful.

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Happy to hear you got this fixed, Marking as solved.

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