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Finding yourself.

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//Starting a journal of my adventures of DayZRP and the people I meet and such. Please read and see what you think. I could some advice :).

If your reading this then well done you blew my head off before I can blow yours, have a cookie.

Entry 1: I admire heroes.

Y'know...I admire heroes, I really do. The ones in those comic books kids read? Yeah them ones. They set an example, fight for good, beat evil, be a good person. Those kinds guys yeah...I admire them.

But me? I'm just a blank. You're wondering “What do you mean by blank?” well, what can I say? I mean what CAN I say after all? There's not a lot to say about me. In fact I don't know a lot about me either, funny ain't it? Everyone says that you're person, an individual. But when I look at myself...I don't even know my own fucking name.

Name...My name...What is it? That's what I've been asking ever since I landed in this wasteland of a place. What was it called again? Chernogorski? Chernamarus? Chernagorsk? Yeah...Cherngorsk. No background information, no family records, no last name, no first name....

Since I ain't got no name, I've got to give myself one...Thunder...Yeah...I like that I mean I've always liked the thunder when a storm comes in, it seems so soothing to me. People find it strange...but I don't think being strange matters now considering the dead is up and walking, psychos walking around with guns, military wannabes thinking they own place because they found a fucking peashooter bigger than what they have in their pants...Did I mention little kids are carrying guns now? 15 year olds thinking their the big shit because they found a gun in their mamma's draws?

Kids...Just kids running around with guns thinking their heroes...What a joke.

Chernarus or "Cherno" as it's called according to some loud mouth chick I managed to overhear while her and her group was in town. Stange bunch, the chick was pretty ruthless though. What was her name...? Penelope? It begins with a P...

(Rest of entry until the bottom covered in old blood stopping you from reading the entire entry)

Maybe I'll find some answers here concerning myself and any possible relations to people...Who knows? Maybe finding a good women too can't hurt.

I got nothing to lose anyway.

Bring on the Thunder.

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Entry #2: Veritas and...I have a sister now?

You see fingerprint in blood on the right top corner of the page, you assume things got a little messy...before this was written.

2 weeks...It's been 2 weeks in this place and I've seen nothing but the dead, more dead and the occasional psycho trying to get me. I spent majority of the time walking and walking...Not much to see either but somehow I ended up in a city...A conversation I heard while sneaking around by a group of people called it Elektro. Elektro...What a name eh? Aside from that I've been in this city for a while looking for supplies...Found a neat gun though.

I met a man, roughly around his 20s to early 30s with a thick Mexican accent..My first thoughts was to hold him up and take what he has then gun him down, but I decided not to. After all, it wasn't right and I could piss off a lot of people if I did...Best not to risk it...yet. I don't know what's right or wrong in this world, I've seen innocent looking people doing the cruellest thing and the evillest looking doing the right thing whether it was helping some poor sap or getting rid of the infected for a group of people. This world really is upside down...

You see a crumpled looking map of the region, on the map you see some writing and an encircled part of the map and inside the circle is a place called Prud with “civilization?” written next to it.

I planned to head north, some guy I managed to hold up pretty much spit out everything I needed to know...He said there was some sort of regular gathering in the north west near an airfield. I was pretty sure the poor guy was going to shit himself, he was all dressed in military attire too! I let him go though it was not worth the time and I felt...generous or was it the right thing to do? I don't know.

It took me God knows how long it took for me to get to this place called Prud, for now it seemed decent, various people from various backgrounds...Kinda makes me wish I can remember who I really was. One of the people I met was an African man called Becko he was a good guy I'll admit, a real nice one and a cool accent to boot and he didn't seem to be a fighter...despite the amount of guns he had on his person but he got into my good books, he got some new clothing after all.

A small drawing of Becko and Thunder was drawn under the paragraph, Thunder's shoulder is slung over Becko who was smiling awkwardly.

Well shit, I met some strange nut job and a married couple ( I think), the nut job was named...Safe...yeah I don't know why he's called that. I thought he was going to start a fight with me. He isn't the most stable person in the world from what I gather, the presumed couple I met was a man named John, I didn't get his last name, and a Doctor called Hannah or 'Doc' as I like to call her. John didn't have much of a back bone in all honesty...Safe seemed to push him around a lot, poor guy, 'Doc' seemed nice she patched me up and all but...she seemed to wallow in grief from what I can see, she seems to stare at a Zippo and a picture a lot wish I could help in all honesty although I wouldn't know how.

On the next page is blank but the other page is mostly covered in blood

That bastard Safe shot me! The fucker shot me right on the shoulder...God that hurt, it was a decent shot though, it seemed John somehow provoked the guy and so did I and it led to me and him being shot. John seemed to be in much more pain than I am though, kinda amusing in all honesty but 'Doc' managed to patch me up...again I really do owe her one now maybe I can try and be a shrink for her.

I met a rather eccentric man named Dr. Matt Brown, though he seemed like a decent guy and a girl possibly 2 years younger than me or so but her eyes are filled with so much...innocence that you really don't see in a girl around her age. From what Matt told me she has the mental age of a 7 year old and her name is Dora Atwood and she grew on me I see her of some sort of sister and I think she latched on to me as well, which led to Matt being my uncle now...I don't how I should feel about that but he did offer me a purpose, a group possibly a family...in a little group of people he is leading called Veritas. I might consider joining after all what else have I got to lose?

A small drawing of Thunder and Dora sitting side by side and Thunder giving her a small smile and Dora looking at him strangely is found at the bottom of the page.

I think I'll join Veritas, I need a group and possibly a purpose and one is being handed to me and from what Matt told me Dora has had it rough recently with certain events I promised not to tell anyone and I can't just leave her alone, it's just not right the way she is now, I'll protect her and I'll join Veritas. I found what I've been looking for and I want it to last...Who knows I might live to see the day the infection is finally over.

//I'd appreciate it if someone helps me with this I'm not the best at writing this kind of stuff x)

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  • Emerald

Good read man enjoyed that keep up the good work :)

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