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  • Emerald

It's best to stumble upon them, or find out through in game means. Makes for the best RP. One place that everyone surely knows about is Prud Lake though. Just north of Stary. Usually lots of people RPing there.

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  • MVP

Some advice I was given when I first started, to enhance your RP experience find out in game by talking to survivors who you come across. Go to some of the main cities/towns you are bound to find people to RP with. (Don't forget there are the good, the bad and the ugly on Chernarus so be on guard!)

There will be more settlements soon!

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  • Emerald

I am assuming by settlements you mean PCB's as there are not settlements on the server at the moment.

Edit: gunna mark this as solved if any has any more questions about settlements or PCB's feel free to PM or find me in TS

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