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The Rise of the Red Fists

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красный кулак коммунизма

The Red Fists of Communism

This story is for my new clan The Red Fists of Communism

The infection came as a blessing for me and my comerads, we never had a issue with having to work, unlike those American dogpigs. That is why we survive, we have learned to embrace the infection with open arms, though this still does not mean we are stupid toward the infection. We have a process to stay alive, as long as it is followed there is no issue.

The Red Fists of Communism was created for the purposes of childhood stories my mother had told me about, when their was more communism, more equality, in a cold mean world. Communism is what has been keeping us together and alive. We share what we don't need but keep what we do. This is our system of communism, it has worked so far too...

The Red Fists was hit by a hoard of zombies that had chased a crazy man, the man brought them upon us. We lost 2 men, including Viktor our current leader, not because he wanted to lead just because he was the obvious choice. We decide to burry him, deep in the ground where even these infected cannot eat him, but we must wait till nightfall.

My comerads have decided that I should now lead RFC because I was the closest to Viktor, though I am no leader this is no time it decline an offer. I accept and we burry Viktor. A few infected stragglers are wondering near our camp fire, but we do not care, this day is sad...

Is It really bad? :troll:

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