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Guest Biiddy

How humanity changes...

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Guest Biiddy

*You find a small journal on a dead body, it says "Joel Biddiscombe", you open it*

My story

Joel Biddiscombe is 24 year old american born in Texas, he was an official corporal in the United States Army and was based in a American military installment in Texas called "Corpus Christi Army Depot", Joel was and still is quite the soldier, at the age of 21 Joel left Texas and was shipped to Iraq to help with his fellow Americans to fight, at the age of 23 he came home and began to learn how to become a marksman, he took the Squad Designated Marksmanship advanced training at Ft. Benning, Georgia and was still in the midst of his training when called back to the Corpus Christi Army Depot.

Joel was confused on to why he was called back to the Army so bluntly as he had full permission and support in taking his course as a marksman, turns out it was not only Joel but many other Americans who had been called in for duty, due to the nature of the call of duty Joel was not able to get picked up and taken to Texas as it was a code red situation for all of the united states and possibly the world, there was basically no spare time for Joel and the other soldiers at Ft. Benning to get evacuated back to there home towns, instead Joel got his orders at Ft. Benning, A lot of soldiers had there own missions, these missions were to travel across the globe and get all American civilians back to safe-zones set up in military outpost across the US, the Squads were picked at Ft. Benning to go across the world all the way from Alpha Squad to Zulu Squad, Joel was in Tango Squad and was sent to South Zagoria to look for any American Civilians there.

Joel and his squad of 7 were sent out within the day to South Zagoria, the plan was to land in several different regions of South Zagoria and spend a week in each region looking and then move on to the next region, if they found civilians then they would take them along as there was plenty of room in the plane, first place they stopped was Novigrad, they spent the first day setting up a camp around the plane and then the other 6 days they went out searching, in Novigrad they managed to find an American family of 3 which came along and was saved... for now, anyhow next place Belozersk, then Miroslavl, then Chernarus and finally Takistan.

By the time they got to Chernarus they had successfully gathered 13 American Civilians that were safe for now and would be returning home soon, Chernarus however was there final stop unfortunately, it was the 4th day and Tango squad had traveled to a nearby Castle, named "Devil's Castle" they were set up at the North eastern airfield and were just about done for the day when the 7 of them were ambushed by a large group of bandits, to many to count but at least 14 in viewing distance, there was not much the squad could do to fight back so they had to submit to these bandits, the squad had trained for such an incident in the past but this was there first encounter with hostile living forces in the apocalypse, the bandits lined Tango squad up in a line and forced them to there knees, one Tango squad soldier however decided not to submit to there ways, he resisted and headbutted the bandit trying to force him down before being gunned down by a watching bandit, there was but 6 Tango squad members left.

The bandits questioned and sickly tortured some of the Tango squad members, during this process 3 more Tango squad solders died from different wounds, ones throat was slit, ones head was decapitated by a baseball bat and the other was slowly mutilated and chopped up, while the rest of us had to watch, this experience changed me, this experience caused the other 2 members to blurt out what information we were keeping to the bandits, our mission, our camp and our weapons, all so those 2 cowards could stay alive, the bandits were getting a kick out of this and just left us kneeling for 30 minutes while they watched us and whispered between themselves, after a while we could see smoke in the distance, it was coming from the airfield we were set up at, I looked at the smoke and then at the bandits, they laughed between them at the look on Joel's face, one of the bandits stood up and picked up my very own Glock 19 off the ground he walked towards me and said, "you gave us nothing, those 2 told us everything", he pointed the gun at my head, and then within a glance turned it towards the other 2 members and shot them both in the head, he smirked to himself whilst walking away and said "Fuckin american cowards...", they then all left and left me kneeling on the ground, i spent a good few hours kneeling there thinking what to do now, thinking if life was worth living, but i promised myself not to be like those 2 cowards and take the easy way out, instead i will go in search of fellow Americans and help server my country!

As you can tell through this Journal ive started saying me instead of Joel, that is because i am Joel, and the things ive seen would give you nightmares! and this body you found the journal on, its not me, just another piece of shit asshole that has fallen for the same old trick, like you!

*You close the book and quickly look up to see a man staring at you with his gun raised, The man says "hope you enjoyed my little story, your just another addition to it, sleep tight" *The man fires*

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