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UN wants you!


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Order or Chaos, Good or Evil, White or Black?

or: UN wants you!

Information: This is still a draft and I will update it on a continuously basis.

I´m currently thinking about a storyline that maybe is also interesting for some of you. Maybe in this phase of SA development it is just a try if this thing is working out and if there are maybe some other players that maybe can build up their play around a faction like the UN (remaining elements). So there is an order orientated fraction, people who want to play like a good Samaritan maybe would like to be linked or be part of this group. But also a base and a linked settlement or safe haven also needs medics, mechanics, guards, “normal” survivors etc. Contributions or ideas from your side are also welcome. Also hints about spelling or gramma mistakes are wellcome, due to the fact I am not a native speaker.

I am aware of the fact that there are a lot (majority) of you who have experience with the DayZ mod, but I don´t know if you like to transfer your status quo to SA when it is at a playable level (e.g. whitelist and logs are granted from B.I.).

In the case there will be a lore reset it is maybe also a good starting point if there are some players that maybe feel related to UN or other armed forces. So from beginning they maybe are motivated to do their very best to protect the civilians.

Also the Chaos or the more evil orientated roleplayers can benefit from a fraction/thing like this. There are maybe frequently moving people in and out a specific area. There is the possibility to steal things, to blackmail people or everything you maybe have in your “criminal” minds ;)

For those who like to play on the “good” side it maybe is also very challenging, due to the fact you are in the focus of all the other guys that are around and maybe have other interests.

Story information referring to my character.

Very often I play as Chris Grau a Soldier from Germany, which was assigned to the UN mission in Chernarus. He was employed as a force protection element with the WHO scientists during day six. In the plane moving them into scenario he met for the first time Ana Stahl a WHO scientist. He was not very happy about being tasked to protect a female scientist, quiet good looking, but still she probably would be like an albatross around the neck. More about Ana later, but so far Chris was so wrong about her.

But unfortunately his Company was neither not suited to defeat the masses of Zombies attacking their basis nor were they able to protect the WHO personnel.

So after two days 2/3 of his Company and almost all of the WHO scientists were KIA or MIA. Radio links were down and supplies were not coming any more.

After 3 days in theatre Chris and the remaining elements from his platoon decided to build up a strong point closely to an abandoned construction site in the vicinity of Lopatino in order to have still visuals to the airfield in the east, just for the case evacuation planes would arrive. But nothing happened.

They managed to defend the so called strong point no longer than 25 hours and had to retreat rapidly. During this uncoordinated escape two out of four squads got trapped by Zombies in the station building… Chris never heard anything about his comrades…

Now after one and a half years only six comrades are left, the rest died or is missing due to several encounters with Zombies or other armed groups.

But just yesterday Chris met a guy, Michael, which also was a member of another UN element, so he decided to talk with his friends and maybe he could convince them to build up a small base close to the NWAF in order to provide more security to this area and to support the survivors which are going to pass through or maybe decide to life there.

Unfortunately Michael get shot by two strangers and Chris was robbed again, but still stays alive. Now after five incidents in the last two weeks Chris is at a decision point… go with the bandits and survive or still stick to his plan and risk maybe everything.

To be continued.

Here I will add a list with community members who are interested in beeing part of the story.

FoxxFox - UN forces

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I havent read all of this but I figured I'd just briefly say this so im not accused of copying this later. :D

Once dayzRP truly hits SA(right now dayzRP's SA project is...of secondary importance to say the least since the game doesnt really support separate communities, at all) there -may- be a staff faction called "UN remnants" or similar. That is still ages away however and will require significant fine-tuning. It is also likely to be the only staff faction for a while and represent a slowly dying faction that in turn represents a rapidly dying world order.

I'd release my own details of that if I had much, the UN SA staff faction is a very very early project still, but yes I just figured I'd let you know so im not accused of plagiarism later. :D

I've been working on that staff faction for a couple of months now.

Regardless, this all looks well and fine and its certainly possible for there to be UN remnants separate from that faction. The SA background lore is still a bit of a work in progress as well, but the UN is likely to be involved somehow(which they really werent to any notable extent in the mod background story.).

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Ah thank you, this is a interesting information. I will stick to this idea for a while, there will be a lot of fine tuning upcoming. I don´t want to intervene in staff palnings/activities, so thank you again to make me aware of this. Maybe the idea will move with its core into the direction of an German Army element which was asigned to the UN. In order to cover interested German community members. But there is still much time left and projects requieres some time to be developed or -hopefully not- to be abandoned.

Regards Chris

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Sounds like a fun idea, hope u stick to the plan and not become a pirate like everyone on this server lol. NWAF seems like it will draw lots of attention from pirates.

It is rare to find friendlies here. I either get KOS'ed or robbed. at least thats my experience the last 2 weeks.

Just now i got robbed and killed after aiding a guy who said his pal was in need of help...ended with me in handcuffs and getting stabbed by a pitch fork :P

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Sounds like a fun idea, hope u stick to the plan and not become a pirate like everyone on this server lol. NWAF seems like it will draw lots of attention from pirates.

It is rare to find friendlies here. I either get KOS'ed or robbed. at least thats my experience the last 2 weeks.

Just now i got robbed and killed after aiding a guy who said his pal was in need of help...ended with me in handcuffs and getting stabbed by a pitch fork :P

Ok, nice to read this. I try to cordinate some smaller events, mainly on the weekend. But this will take place on the long run. Maybe the first try on the weekend after easter.

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Ok small update.

The UN thing will very likely change towards a NATO thing. Due to the fact, that very likely the Staff will focus on UN in some parts. Please read above.

I still think a mixture of scientists and soldiers as a core of a role play group would be a sound idea. So I made some considerations during the last days. I think it will be a story around a NATO SIBCRA unit. SIBCRA means: sampling and identification of biological, chemical, and radiological agents.

NATO SIBCRA unit (core) consists out of:

- mobile diagnostic CBRN field laboratory (7 personnel)

- Forensic sampling (SIBCRA) patrol (4 personnel)

Independently from the lore setting, lore clean up or playing at the status quo (during the alpha and beta status of the game) a lot of other players could benefit or feel a benefit from a unit like SIBCRA.

Around this unit there could be build a lot of other elements. So some of you may be part of the unit, if interested or maybe develop a relationship with it. So almost the same approach like it was with the UN thing.


- other NATO units, force protection elements, logistics, medics, MP, K9, special forces, etc…

- normal civilians, citizens of Chernarous

- local military and security forces

- and so on

More will follow the next days. Now I have more time, because I am sitting at home and I am recovering from my stay in hospital.

MfG Chris

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Short update. I sended my draft to Tomeran and it seems to be all fine. I just wanted to ensure that there are no conflicts with lore or staff faction development for SA done by the Staff team. After approval I will post it in a new topic.

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  • Emerald

Can't wait to see what you add onto this! Have fun with it...

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  • Emerald

i like the sound off this and belive its a great idea

Like to Necro? posted May 2014.....

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