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Last Days (DayZ SA Cinematic Series) Needs Actors

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Hello DayZ Community.

I am writing this post to ask for help. I am currently in the process of building a new DayZ cinematic series. It is ambitious to say the least but it has never been done before. Currently I have very little help from anyone, I have a few friends but its not enough. That is why I am here.

I need some willing volunteers (this is unpaid) to help me with many different things. This is what I need.

Actors - Requirements are as follows: DayZ Standalone, Steam, Microphone TeamSpeak3. (Acting experience would be excellent but not required.)

Cameramen - Requirements: DayZ Standalone, Steam, Microphone, TeamSpeak3, 40fps in game whilst recording.

General Help - Requirements: DayZ Standalone, Steam, Microphone, TeamSpeak3.

Actors will be using their in game characters and voices to act given roles. No audition is required and no acting experience. Acting experience will however be highly valued. If you are able to change your accent or voice that would be highly valued also.

Cameramen will be recording the talent in a professional way. Experience is not needed but is again valued. I will be heavily involved with the fiming as I have good experience. Please use either Faps or DxTory. You will need to upload the files to a private dropbox so I can gather them for editing.

General Help will be aiding everyone by haning out food and drink, Guarding the scenes during acting (We will be on a live server, it will be low population but there is no guarantee of safety) and gathering costumes and other things.

Something I didn't mention because it isn't an independent role is editor. I do not require someone to edit footage for me but if you have any experience with Sony Vegas it would be valued to hear your input.

Thank you for reading my post. If you are willing to help would you please comment below with your Steam name or PM it to me if you want it to remain private. Also let me know which role you would like to play and if you have any experience what so ever. Actors are the most important right now because I only have two. If you have any questions contact me on Steam, my ID is MattG13.

Thank you.

-Edit- P.S if anyone's interested in seeing some of my previous work you can see it here. >>>

It currently stand at 5, 403 views. This is not my channel but it is my video featured on it. There is a link to my old channel in the description, I have recently set up a new channel which will feature these videos. Thanks again.

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