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1 year has passed and many more are on the horizon...


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I have made it through and I see it as a great achievement!

It all started this day when I joined the community alongside the 24th MEU.

I must thank Captain Shields and all the folks bringing me here.

I had lots of adventures with CLF, SGRU, ZZ, SFOD, SRF, Legion and many other clans!

After the 24th left, I was clanless, so I joined RSM... I must thank Morgan for giving me the chance and also felt honoured of participating at the first Black Bazaar in Poland and getting dunked later by SVR. I died beccare of Archer(RIP) who mistook me for enemy...

Later I found myself joining the Chernarus Islamic Movement, with Shekel(RIP) and darian and all the others. It was a great and funny ride.

After this I joined NRF and had lots of fun there! Working with Wunsleh and Daniel, owning the server with Brotherhood and fighting IRA and SDS :)

Time passed and I passed onwards to CLF who taught me some important things and also gave me some great lessons.

When CLF disbanded, I got into the Watchers(2 times :D) who taught me alot that immersion is a great thing to do in DayZRP and later in Brotherhood for a short period.

Moving onwards, I spent some time alone before joining NRFv2 with new people and later got into SDS on a short ride(unfortunately due to Epoch and other problems...)

With time, I saw the appearance of CRA who gave me a shelter before the return of Brotherhood(RIP).

Hell... After what happened, I just had to lay low, but I didn't, so now I find myself working with Volki and also working on a special RP project(Soon)

This long road made me meet lots of people who helped me directly and indirectly.

Thank you to :

Primus Palus and the 24th MEU gang

SFOD(especially Sapphire and Mavasaur)


Morgan Riggs and the RSM

Shekel and the CIM gang

Daniel, Wunsleh, Misty, Charles, Arrex, Lukeas and Ryven and all the people of NRF v1

The Watchers



CLF(especially Goz, Terra, Gina,Hofer, Anubian and Felix)

Pandi and the CRA fellas

Volki for sheltering my poor ass!

There are many other people who I would like to thank, but the list is too long to present here!

Thank you again and thank you Rolle for having this idea and creating this community!

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good times in nrf mate, I miss ya!

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