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Sir Tiger

Thanks Lucas!

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Well my first hour of DayzRP went ok. I spawned somewhere in the middle, and just ran until I ended up in Berezino, by which point i had accumulated a double-barrel shotgun, some pistol, and a hatchet, and had lost most of my blood. Then the first person I had seen scared the living daylights out of me in the supermarket, and he tried to get me fixed up. The hospital was empty though, and we both "took a nap" on the roof.

Anyway, thanks Lucas for being the first person I met on DayzRP!

btw, my acting scared IC wasn't just an act, you almost gave me a heart attack irl :)

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You're welcome Charles! ... Next time you find me, I will hopefully have a blood bag on me if you are still in your condition. :)

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