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The Light fades

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\\In this tattered journal, several pages are ripped out from the front, and one from the back. It then reads...

My name is Cameron. I'm commonly known as "that guy from The Light". Well, not anymore. The Light has disbanded. I'm lost, and recently found this journal with a small tale written inside. I'm sorry to whoever's journal this was, but I burned my old one. My life has changed so much, and I felt I should write down my feelings in this ol' banged up thing.

My life as it is right now is... interesting. I've become friends with B-17, the notorious group of convicts who escaped prison together. I've made some great friends, and even found someone I care for. A lot. We met when I bought her as a slave. Now don't get me wrong, Journal, my intentions were very clear: Buy as many slaves as I can from the S.D.S. and set them free as soon as possible. Well, they only let me buy one slave with the shit supplies I had. I had met this woman earlier at Prud, so I thought I'd give her a hand. We slipped out of Prud once I handed the Somalians my blood bags and beefsteak. I gave her some supplies and told her to run. The last time I saw hew was a few days ago. She seemed like she was doing well, but we didn't get the chance to sit down and converse.

I've been hearing some news of a Drug Cartel starting up in Chernarus. I have a bit of experience in taking drugs, but none in dealing them. I wonder who is in that group. Maybe someone I've met before? I'm not the most independent person in the world, I can say that much. I have a bad habit of putting people in debt to me, but avoiding being in debt to someone else. I've just shaved my face with a rickety razor blade and smashed my glasses underneath my shoes, so I look a bit different than what I did earlier. I hope I don't have to reintroduce myself to everyone I've met so far.

I majored in Computer Science in college, and have been very interested in computer hardware almost all of my life. I have a stash filled with scrap electronics somewhere in Chernarus. I'm not writing down the location of it in the case that I lose this and someone finds it. I've been building a computer. I don't feel like geeking all over this man's journal, so I'll just say this: with just a few more months and a power generator, my life will be complete. Well, almost complete. Still have to find some friends.

I dream of the day where I, along with some good friends, have a house with working electricity. Where I can sit in an office chair and fuck around in C++ on my computer and drink a Pepsi. Where no rotten fuckers ever wander off to. Where no bandits prowl the streets and fields. Where I can live in peace once again. I can't be certain that I'm this "Cameron J. Lane" person that I claim to be until I have a home to go to with everyone I care for safe and sound.

Luxury will be the day I die.

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