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Samuel's past with Nikolai

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You find a small book that has been slightly damaged, but mostly intact

First Entry

So, I guess for some reason, I've decided to start the making of this book or diary or whatever, try and note some of this shit down before I forget.

It's been two days since Nikolai rescued me from my car, and its been nothing but hell since. Those things, they don't stop. That stupid traffic jam, why would I have to get us stuck in that?! Once it happened, I just froze! I didn't know what to do. People were being dragged from the cars by the dozens. No one had any idea what was happened, including me and my family. I'm sorry Chloe, and I'm sorry Michael, I couldn't save you from them. I failed you. I wanted to go back, but Nikolai wouldn't let me, he said that 'We need to find shelter and a safe place for now.' He isn't wrong, but none of this feels right.

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