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DayZRP Video :D

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  • Sapphire

Dude...this looks epic, hope to see you around Chernarus :)

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Looks interesting! :P

Hope to see you around

Thanks! I hope to meet you :D

How do you do the cinematic stuff at the start? It was great! I'll be keeping an eye on this, and its always good to see another ordinary civilian still alive in the apocalypse :)

I made the cinematic using an old school Arma camera mod. I can't fine it anymore unfortunately :(

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Looks cool! Have fun in dayzrp ;)

Also about the cinematic this might help,

You don't actually need a mod, just the camera.sqs script.

Ah! Awesome thanks man, I am not going to be using cinematics too much during the series. The great RP and people I meet along the way will make it interesting, as well with the bad ass sound effects I have :D

looks great man

Freaking thanks man! :D <3

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  • Sapphire

Very cool! hope to see more :)

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Now, my only question is do you have someone actually able to roleplay as your daughter? :)

Haha I'm not sure! If anyone is interested in playing the daughter she is like between ages 15-18 and I stumble upon her later on in the series.

amazing trailer, looks like quite a bit of effort was put into it!

Yup I like to only put out quality videos! Quality over quantity.

Very cool! hope to see more :)

Thanks man! <3

Now, my only question is do you have someone actually able to roleplay as your daughter? :)


Haha PM me if you wanna RP as the daughter, but that will be later on in the series.

Well I am intrigued. The cinematic camera and the narration definitely made it a whole lot more interesting. Another sub for you.

And like Arcus said, he is like the best person when it comes to RPing female characters.

Awesome! Thanks for the info :D

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