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Problem with DayZRP launcher

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After leaving for 2 months due to work commitments I finally decided to return to DayZRP. This obviously was partnered with a hefty update. After completing this, I tried to join S1 only to be greeted by this :


I instantly tried to update again and it seemed I had some missing files. Once this update had been completed I was greeted with the same message as before. I checked the updates again and the launcher started to download the exact files I had just previously downloaded. Seeing a circle pattern emerging, I decided to come to you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guest Biiddy

Did you download it from the launcher or from one of the torrents on the download page of the forum?

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Ok what you need to do

-The files that keep re-adding themselves on the launcher, delete them from the DayZRP folder

-Re-open the launcher and let it download the files again

-Once files are complete shut down the launcher and then re-open the launcher to check if it starts to download again

Hopefully everything will be sorted but if it downloads files again:

-Delete the entire DayZRP folder in the ARMA OA folder

-Re-install the whole client. Id suggest manually rather than through the launcher

Hope this helps :)

Edit: Just seen its the launcher, follow what the guys posted above :P

Use mine if you get kicked out of the game for files :)

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Do try the search function, that will often help you out.

Yes, please use the search function :)

Marking this as solved. If you have more questions, feel free to PM me or any other staff member.

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