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A radical change for Clark

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During his time in the apocalypse Clark has always tried his hardest to assist those in need around him. Making visits to Prud as much as he could to see if anybody needed his help, during one of his visits the exact opposite occurred and Clark had a revelation.

During the casual stay at Prud there was a hold up. Myself and 2 other survivors were told to drop our weapons and comply or be shot. The usual terms. In the middle of the holdup we were told to hit the deck and to not make a sound. I figured a friendly group had arrived and the bandits were attempting to stay anonymous. This was my best chance at escape. I jumped to my feet, running back towards the lake as fast as I could. Shots were immediately fired, whizzing past my head. The only thing my body allowed me to do was run faster. I reached the camp and took cover behind the small cabin, listening as shots continued to be fired.

Looking down at my shirt I noticed red blood flowing from my neck. Feeling around, a bullet had clipped me on the throat. I guess the adrenaline got to me, couldn't feel a thing. I began seeing black dots, and before I could react my head hit the cold grass. Before blacking out entirely I could see a single dark figure slowly walking towards me.

Waking up next to a warm fire, food, and water, my savior was no where to be found. Being alone gave me time to think about my life post-apocalypse. Why was I so weak that I could easily be taken hostage and injured, almost killing me? After all the good deeds I've done for innocent survivors and I'm repaid by this. No longer will I be weak. These days the dead rise from their graves and all I wanted to be was the good guy giving cans of beans out. I believed in change. Change for the better of humanity. No more. This world is about survival. That's all that matters now.

Leaving the camp I found a gas mask, a gas mask with red eyes with a note pasted under it reading "Good luck." Putting on the gas mask began a new beginning for Clark 'Red Eyes' Decker. A new chance at survival.

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