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So I have one last chance to submit my whitelist application, and as it is currently open, and I am done fixing it, I have come to the forums for final feedback. If there is anything at all that you even think might be wrong, please tell me so that I can change it.

Here goes.


Charles “Chuck/Charlie” Hunt


"NLR" is the New-Life Rule, which refers to the incident of your character dying. Obviously, we ourselves do not die, so we still remember what our character remembers up until they die. However, in order to emulate reality, your character shouldn't be able to remember anything from their past life. The New-Life rule is a balance between the two. In order to prevent metagaming (using resources outside of a game to accomplish things that would technically not be possible in the real world i.e. informing your friends over teamspeak about the details and location of your death, which you couldn’t possibly do if you were actually dead), and to eliminate the cumbersome requirement of having to re-create a different character every time you die, your character remembers some things and not others.

For example you can remember anything that does not involve your death (i.e: you were held up and robbed, which resulted in your death. As per NLR, you cannot remember that you were robbed, or the name of your assailant; if you meet them again you must act as if you do not remember them. You also lose all KoS rights you previously had). You can however remember what clan you belonged to (if any), your friends and other such details (that is, if your friends or clan didn’t murder you).


-NLR is New-Life Rule

-Upon death, your character forgets everything that involves how they died (i.e. no being hostile against the people who killed you, not remembering how you died, not remembering the people that killed you, etc.)

-You are NOT allowed to tell anyone over third party communications (Teamspeak, Skype) the details of your death (i.e. Name of killer, location of killer, weapon they used, etc.).

-“Metagaming” or “Godmodding” is using resources outside the game to better yourself in the game (i.e. using maps from outside the game, communicaing with people via Teamspeak or Skype without a radio on your character, etc.)

-The ONLY reason you are allowed to go back to your dead body is if you died from a glitch/bug. (Zombies do not count as a glitch/bug).


KoS, or "kill on sight" is an issue that plagues normal DayZ servers. It refers to the event of killing another character as soon as you see them, without letting them reveal their intentions. While this may be a semi-adequate survival technique, it does not lend itself to the act of roleplaying. After all, how are you supposed to roleplay if everyone murders each other on sight? KoS is not allowed in DayZRP in order to cultivate the chances of good roleplay and to create a fun experience for everyone (even if you are the one being robbed, you can still tell the exciting story of how it came about).

Instead, in order to kill someone, you must have initiated contact with another player and clearly stated demands, which if not followed, allow you the possibility to kill said person (this does not mean you have to kill them for not complying). On the other hand, if another character has committed a crime against you, then you can have kill-on-sight rights toward that character. For example: you meet a character who ends up robbing you, but you manage to escape with your life. If you meet that character again, you are allowed to kill said character, because they have committed a crime against you. The person that committed the crime has no KoS rights against you, because you did not do anything to them. However, they know you might be out for revenge, so they will be wary of your presence and most likely not be killed without a fight. You do not gain KoS rights if a robbery or similar act results in your death (as per the New-Life Rule). As a side note, complying with your attackers is more likely to result in your character’s survival; which in turn gives you KoS rights against your attackers.

In respect to clans, KoS rights can be transferred to other clan members, without the use of metagaming of course (for example: attempting to rob another character, failing to do so effectively which results in your death. You inform your clan over teamspeak about the details of your killer, and location of the incident. This is metagaming and is not allowed. Your clanmates can gain KoS rights on the person that killed you only if a clanmember witnessed your death). Additionally, KoS/revenge rights only extend for 2 hours after the incident. The server has a finite amount of players, and eventually, everyone would have a reason to have KoS rights on everyone else, which is why there is a time limit for such things.


You attempt to rob another character, and initiate by yelling “Whatever you do, don’t turn around! If I so much as see your head twitch I will blow it off!” followed by “Drop your weapons and radio, if you have one” they comply and you request for them to remove their backpack in a timely fashion, which they refuse to do. You then kill them for non-compliance. An hour later you enter a town and are shot and killed in the back by your previous victim. Your victim would most likely receive a ban streak for not complying with the kill-on-sight rule and keeping revenge rights after death.

You see a player and shoot them without initiating or speaking to them at all. You will receive a ban for KoS and random deathmatching.

You are held up by a pair of highwaymen who attempt to rob you. While they are distracted, you manage to steal their car. You have KoS rights on the bandits because they tried to rob you, and the bandits have KoS rights on you for stealing their car.

You jump a player and initiate a robbery upon them: “Drop your weapons, backpack, radio, this is a hold up!” They proceed to drop their gun and radio, but not their backpack. You argue with them about it until…

1: They comply and drop their pack. You rummage through it to find nothing of use, and let them go on their way. They now have KoS rights on you because you robbed them.

2: They refuse to comply, you finally kill them for incompetent listening skills. You find nothing in you backpack and now have murder on your conscience. They do not have any KoS rights on you (as per NLR)

EXCEPTION: You are NOT allowed at any time to KoS an unarmed player for revenge rights, and you shouldn’t kill an unarmed player in any situation.


-KoS is “Kill on Sight”, killing another player with no initiation.

-You get KoS rights if a crime is committed against you.

-KoS rights only last 2 hours

-KoS rights reset upon death (per New Life Rule)

-KoS rights can be transferred within a clan.

-KoS rights from a clanmates death can only be gained if that member’s death was witnessed by other clan members.

-You can only kill a person if they do not comply with your clearly stated demands (be cautious when speaking to players in vehicles, the engine might be too loud, ask them to turn it off in text chat)

-DON’T kill unarmed players.

-Random Deathmatching (RDM) is similar to KoS, but means killing with no reason, not necessarily without initiation.


Charles Hunt, called either "Charlie" or "Chuck" by those who know him, was born and raised in a military family, and thus moved a lot. Careful about making friendships he knew he wouldn't be able to keep forever in most cases, he mostly stayed to himself. However those he did get to know he formed close bonds with, being friendly and enjoying laughter. After his father retired from the military and his family settled in Minnesota, Charles was able to attend all four years at the same high school.

After high school, and not knowing quite what to do with himself, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served 6 years, travelling the world. He was a CA or Civilian Affairs personnel, tasked with bonding with the locals in Iraq. His new job revealed he had good intuition; he was one of the best at deciding the sincerities of the locals. The most ferocious fighting Charles ever saw was a skirmish between a handful of insurgents and his squad that was backing up another outfit that was low on men.

After his tour was over, Charles retired from the Marines and took a job at a real estate firm that in turn worked with movie location scouts. Starting as only a technical worker, his superiors discovered he had good leadership qualities. Charles wasn't afraid to take the lead when necessary, but he also knew when others were more capable leaders. He was promoted to a travelling position, acting as a "real-estate agent" for movie locations. His Civilian Affairs job helped immensely with this new task.

His most recent travel job was for a Cold-War espionage thriller that aimed to be as historically accurate as possible. Doing his research, Charles suggested the ex-Soviet state of Chernarus: it was fairly poor and thus cheaper to pay for locales and was authentically Russian as possible. It was in this way that he found himself in Chernarus when the Apocalypse struck. The unlucky film crew was devoured in the first few days, by psychotic and bloodied humans that weren't quite alive anymore. He managed to escape, and found himself wandering the wasteland as civilization began deteriorating.

The only question that remains: how will he survive?

Why DayZ RP:

I have several reasons for wanting to be a part of DayZRP. The first is that vanilla DayZ and its sub mods have increasingly succumbed to the kill-on-sight mentality, mostly because everyone is scared of being killed-on sight, so they too kill-on-sight also. I don't like this, and I refuse to play like this (which consequently leads to my death quite often). Secondly, DayZ has become quite repetitive recently: find a gun, fix a car, find better guns, have so much guns you don't know what to do, either start slaughtering fresh spawns or hand out free guns. Very few of the interesting encounters I experienced in the early days of the mod occur anymore. Third, I have always been interested in roleplaying, and I like the idea of applying it to DayZ, which has so much potential for such a thing. I love a good story, I’m creative and like to think of ways to make conflict between characters (not necessarily gunfight conflict, but the gray areas of not everyone is completely good or completely evil).

That's it in all it's longness.


Seriously, even if you found nothing wrong with it, at least say so please.

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