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I've heard cult based organizations are fround upon. Can somebody elaborate on this for me please? :)

Many thanks

Actually they are not. We would welcome them with open arms, but they must fit in with the DayZRP lore, be realistic, and not completely fantastical to the point of being absurb. If you can come up with something, by all means try. Just be aware...what is frowned upon is groups that kill due to being cannibals, satanic in nature, and kill for their master....you can the pattern here.

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Ah yes of course. I simply heard they were outright denied. Thanks a bunch, you'll be seeing me soon on the group ideas once I piece together all the components and 100 posts :P

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Yeah as long as you don't use you ways of being a cult to bend the rules and give yourself reason to kill people all the time it's fair game. The problem occurs when you have some group who simply initiate or take someone hostage just to force their form of RP which ultimately results in death. This is when it becomes out of hand and frowned upon as said before.

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