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Aiden's leather book

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After running for 2 weeks I finally reached a border!

I have no clue where I am right now or what country I’m in but I can finally leave Russia!

Hopefully I dont have to worry about those guys anymore!

I will never go back in that world!

I’ve seen enough!

I think its best for me to stay at this Dam for a while and then maybe move down South to see where I am

For now I’ll stay here

I saw alot of wildlife here and there is plenty of water!

But those infected swim in this water aswell..

I can’t boil my water because I don’t have a way of making a fire!

Shit.. I might need to go South earlier than expected!

I also met a few people tonight

Two guys were together..

I think they were playing tag or something…

I heard I gotcha and I saw this Dr. Matt lay on top of the other guy named Pat?

Weird guys, talking about cleaning the Dam as a punishment..

I also met a guy named John Ghost and girl named Lilou, a french exchange student.

She also came from Russia

She probably traveled the same route that I did

She’s kinda cute…

I don’t know anything about John though!

He looked serious so I didn’t ask him alot.

He did say he was part of The Watchers…

Probably some sort of group that roams around these lands?

I went into the camp at the Dam, I looked pretty empty..

No idea why anybody would go there!

But at least there is a fire burning there!

I can cook my food..

That’s the only reason for me to go there..

I don’t want to run in those nutsacks again!

I can’t get this French girl out of my head, Lilou

She looks good, she has great eyes and a.. good ass aswell!

I saw the way she looked at me when we were sitting by the campfire

*A small smile appears on Aiden's face*

I told her that she could set up her tent at my little camp site

At first she hesitated but after a long talk she decided to pitch her tent next to mine

Don’t get me wrong.. I dont want to do anything wrong but some company isn’t bad?

We can hunt together instead of me being a loner and do everything alone..

She also told me she had a very hard life…

She had everything she ever wanted…

Hard life eh?

My parents both passed away in a car accident when I was 14..

I lived with my uncle for a year but he abused me and I left

I had to live on the streets for 6 years!

I was 21 and made bad friends!

I owed people alot of money!

I had a hard life!!

But.. I don’t complain

It made me to who I am now

A better man!

I feel sad for her, I saw how much it hurts her to even talk about it

But thats the first step in healing, to talk about your problems!

I’ll talk to her in the morning I guess..

Hopefully she’ll open up more because I’m a good listener!

Alright.. my eyes are almost closing now..

I’ll better get some sleep!

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Very good!

Loved Lilou's description!

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I woke up by a gunshot this morning!

I grabbed my m16 and scouted around but saw nobody..

All of a sudden I heard someone behind me

It was Lilou..

I was just standing there in my boxers...

She scared me shitless!!

I asked her what the shots were about

She smiled and held up a few rabbits…

She went out hunting

Now I’m even more impressed by her..

She even made a fire..

I guess I’m getting lazy!

Why didn’t I wake up early and go hunt or make a fire

*He smiles and begins to laugh*

What a women she is..


She can handle herself well, thats good!


I met another guy today, Mick or something..

He asked me if I saw Dr.Matt, the lunatic from yesterday

I told him he was here yesterday but that I haven’t seen him today

He said that if I would see him again to meet Mick at the North Eastern Airfield

I told him that I would pass on the message if I saw him

He shook my hand and left

It sounded important…

He had this ‘look’ on his face..

Like he saw a Ghost or something

I hope the man is alright..

I hope he finds what he’s looking for!

Also I tried fishing today in the lake

I made a makeshift fishing rod and it actually worked!

First fish I caught was some sort of bass

I couldn’t believe it actually worked!

I’m not really into fish, maybe I’ll cook something for Lilou..

Some fish some cabbage and maybe some beans

Doesn’t sound like much but I’m no chef!

It’s so peaceful here…

I think I can stay here forever..

I have to go down South soon, I need a tent of some sort..

I hate sleeping under the trees!

Also I still haven’t found any matches yet

I’ll ask Lilou where the closest town or supermarket is

Maybe she’ll even come along

That could be interesting

I can get to know her better then

Now i first need to set some traps..

I don’t want anyone sneaking up to us

I have a few empty cans, I can put a rock in them and make some sort of trip wire

I also saw a few wild boars around here!

Ah the taste of fresh bacon…

Yes, bacon and fish it is tonight!

No beans and cabbage!

I’ll better get to it then, it’s getting late

Maybe I’ll write some more tonight, it depends..

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I met a man named Alyd McLaughlin today

He is part of the Black Hat Militia

We talked for some time

He asked me if I had medical training because he almost got eaten by those infected!

He needed a blood transfusion

I never did that to anyone but he guided me through it

At first I had trouble finding the vein but I got it in the vein after two tries

Not bad for a rookie eh?

*He sits back and laughs a little*

Anyways, he told me what the Black Hats were about and if I was interested in joining their ranks.

I was.. I am interested!

He gave me a set of clothing and a badge

Put this on and welcome into the Black Hat Militia he said while shaking my hand

I smiled and followed him to his car

We drove to what they call Black Hat Highway or BHH for short

I met some of the other Black Hats

All of a sudden we were surrounded by Somalian Deathsquad?

We heard a car drive up to us and we asked the man for a ride out of there

We went for a drive and ended up in somewhere in the woods..

I liked this car and asked the owner if he liked hunting..

He did!

So do I..

But I do a different kind of hunting..

I told him to turn around and I’ll hide somewhere and if he found me he could shoot near me..

A minute passed and he couldn't find me, I stood up and walked towards him.

It was his turn now.. I told him to hide somewhere in the woods and that I wouldn't look.

The poor man ran for atleast 200m before he got into a tree

I quickly got in his car and drove away from him

He tried to shoot the car but missed every shot

I told the rest to meet me at Polana supermarket and thats where we all met up again

I never thought I would be such an asshole..

but.. it felt good?

Like it was ‘normal’ to do this

I liked it!

I wanted to do more of these tricks

Yeah.. that was great fun!

I want to do more hide and seek!

After this happened we went to the North Eastern airfield where we got initiated on by the Somalians!

I ran towards the hangers but got shot twice with a high powered rifle!

Thank god I managed to stop the bleeding quickly, the Major came up to me and patched me up.

Me and the Major moved up and got into one of the hangers

I ran in last but got shot again, this time by a sniper rifle because I couldn’t even hear the shot..

*He lifts up his shirt and looks at the impact wound*

The bullet hit me in my shoulder and I fell to the ground.

Again the Major patched me up and I got back up my feet.

We then moved up towards them and tried to take the ACT tower

Thats where me and the Major both got shot..

I think I passed out or something but I stayed with the Major!

Alyd then destroyed the guy that shot us but Paula came in and saved us both..

I owe them my life now!


Anyways, time to let these wounds heal and get some sleep!

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That was one hell of a firefight! :D

It's great to have you with us, Mick.

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Aidan the Tank!

That is how we will call you from now on! <3

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That was one hell of a firefight! :D

It's great to have you with us, Mick.

Indeed it was! :)

It's great to be part of you lads ;)

Aidan the Tank!

That is how we will call you from now on! <3

Aiden 'Tank' Hill

I like! <3

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Well those were a few interesting days!

Alot has happened, to much in my opinion...

Few days ago the Black Hats had a firefight with some kids, they call themself 'The Lads'

They picked a fight with the wrong crowd!

*Aiden laughs thinking about them*

Anyways, they shot me with some kind of high powered sniper..

The bullet went straight through!

Also the wound kept bleeding for a another day!

Even Jibrael's powder stuff couldn't stop it

Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore..

I felt that I was getting weaker by the minute

Kalulu Wengu had an idea...

Heat up a knife and burn the wound to stop the bleeding

*Aiden rolls up his sleeve and looks at the burn marks*


Thats going to leave a nasty scarr..

*He pauses for a second thinking of what to write*

Ahh yeah..

The situation with Lilou

Yeah.. I don't know about that anymore

I mean, I like her but I dont think she's into me

I don't blame her!

I have a dark past and I haven't been the nicest guy around..

We've talked yesterday on Krutoy Cap

I told her the feelings I have for her

Especially after that one night..

Her response was.....

Doesn't matter!

*Aiden looks at his arm and rolls down his sleeve, covering the wound again*

I need to focus on the Black Hats now

They saved my life multiple times

I owe them mine!

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I finally found the camp of the enemy!

Possible Brotherhood of Steel..

Two UAZ 451's a GAZ and.. a black Humvee!

I parked them all somewhere save and only the higher ups in BHM know where they are.

I guess next time we see a BoS member I need to thank him for their generosity

*Aiden starts laughing*

Oh god..

Am I evil?

Why do I do this?

For fun?

I'm a complete jerk!

Not only to Rich but also to Lilou..

That bothers me the most

She was mad at me yesterday

She thought I was ignoring her..

Heck no!

I'll never ignore her!

I love her...

*He pauses and takes a few deep breaths*

I went to refuel my car, unannounced...

I heard Lilou while I was driving off

She was pissed!!

After I came back from refueling and picking up Kalulu she came in my car and we had a good talk!

I told her I was sorry for treating her the way I did and that I was a jerk..

I guess I was on my man period..

*Aiden giggles thinking of what he just wrote*

Anways, I said sorry and she explained why she didn't respond.

Well.. actually she did something even more amazing

I just didn't realise it at the time...

She took my hand, kissed the palm of my hand, closed it and put it on my heart..

I was an idiot not noticing what this ment!!

Goddamn I made everybody hate me...

Im an idiot..

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I guess I was on my man period..

*Aiden giggles thinking of what he just wrote*

Seems like no matter what kind of character you roleplay as, You will always be the same :P

Hahah, Aiden has a sense of humour.. somewhere xD

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  • Sapphire

bahahahhahaha da man on da period :3 guess you follow my cycles hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

guess thats just how synced you lovebirds are :P hahaha

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  • Sapphire

bahahahhahaha da man on da period :3 guess you follow my cycles hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

The more you know.....at least i know what days to avoid you and Aiden on i guess


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