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The Diary of Vladimir Chernov


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إدخال واحد

Entry One

So I found this diary over at the Kotei Shima this morning. I figured it would probably be good for my mental health if I have a diary. After asking the nice, but slightly weird japanese men if I could have it, I began writing.

The past few days have been a little.. extreme. Good and bad, relaxing and tensing. I spend most of my time around the Kotei Shima, as a lot of my friends like to do so as-well. There are always nice people there who i enjoy talking to. Well, most of the time.

Yesterday morning I had encountered some Royal Reds members on the island. Their leader, Ivan, has been a good friend of mine for some time. However his men, for whatever reason, did not approve of me. Constantly insulting me and my group for no apparent reason. I had a lot of patience because they were Ivan's men, but this time, they drew the line.

After leaving the island for a few hours to go find my men, I contacted Ivan on the radio and told him that the Royal Reds have been placed on my groups "disliked" list, due to all the insults and disrespect his men have for me. Later on I head back to the island to see Ivan yelling at his men, telling them to start respecting me and my group. They all apologised, and we all sat by the fire while Ivan played a beautiful song on his guitar. I guess he thought that this was a good moment to tell me that our good friend Amir, was dead. Out of anger and sadness, I sprayed my weapon clip into the air and shouted. I shouted so loud, it hurt my throat. I went back to the fire and started crying on Ivan's shoulder. "We shall visit him soon", he said.

I think I will end this entry here. Rest in Peace Amir. You shall never be forgotten. Long live... the Outsiders.

*A tear falls onto the page, as Vladimir closes the diary*

// I'll try to post these daily. Feedback is welcome :)

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  • Sapphire

More please.


Once people get online so i can have some interactions... you know it <3

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Ew, you write?

Haha jk. Nice read Vladdy <3

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دخول اثنين

Entry Two

"Fuck the north. Just fuck it. Went to prud, and was immediately confronted by a man in a balaclava. Probably to hide the ugly face i nearly shot. Anyway he asked if I was chernorussian, to which i answered no. He then asked me if I am apart of any groups, to which I proceeded to tell him about my group - Who we are, and what we believe. He did not like this one bit. He called his superior, who was dressed in black and had a gas mask. Probably to stop him smelling the atrocious breath of his men. Honestly it was horrible. Anyway we go into the house and start talking. He basically says, "Your beliefs are wrong, communism is the only way".

I did not take nicely to this. I constantly yelled at him and told him to take his shitty communism elsewhere. Before we departed, I approached him and said,"

"you will fall, as all communist groups have before you."

"Next time i see them, it will not go down well for them.

Allahu Akbar! Death to the communists!!"

// this is my first attempt at written RP. It may not be great, but i enjoy writing them. c:

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دخول ثلاثة

Entry Three

"So i'v finally decided to come back out into Chernarus. The fall of the Kataib al-Khoul was... difficult, to say the least. I needed to seal myself off from everything else. Nonetheless, i'm back.

I was roaming the land trying to find someone. Someone who has been a brother to me. Someone who I missed. Someone I needed.

Amir Asaduallah.

I stumbled accross some place known as the trade post. Beaming of people, I might add. It was the first time I had encountered the CTC since the council attack on the UEF up near Vybor. It was good to catch up and see they are still doing well. While I was there I encountered another old friend, whome although some of his men showed lots of aggression to myself and my friends, proved to be a loyal man.

It was Ivan Kapralov.

We sat at the trade post and had a good long catch up talk. He was saying that Amir was still alive. I praised to Allah that he had not been hurt. He said that he has been making his way up to Pobeda Dam.

"I know that place," I thought to myself. "I'll make my way there then. It's been great to see you again Ivan."

So the coming week, I started making my way up to Pobeda Dam.

I wish I hadn't.

There was a body, face in the ground and blood all over. I flipped it so I could see the face, only to realise that it was Amir.

I cried. I shouted. I punched the trees so hard my hands were covered in blood. I sat there for a good 6 hours trying to accept what was right in front of me.

Upon leaving, I help Amir's hand and said,

"Rest in Piece my brother, may we meet in Jannah one day. One day..."

A tear fell on Amir's cheek, as I pick up my bag and left the dam.

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  • Emerald

Brilliant read Nathan!

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  • Sapphire

Brilliant read Nathan!

Not bad, sir. Not bad (:

Thanks guys :)

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  • Sapphire

Short, sweet, and brilliant. All good combinations, good work Mental

Thanks Viktor :)

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