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Guest ModernZomgie

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Guest ModernZomgie

Link of punishment:

Refer to 'Hofer'

Banned for 'multiple accounts' - Perma ban

Why is it not fair?

Firstly I stated that I did not know what account that had been blacklisted due to age, I stated that clearly. Throughout it all it came down to this account and I thought that this was the right account but it turns out it wasn't.

After I found out that I got blacklisted I made a new account to try appeal but then realized that I was at fault and decided to wait till I was 16, I am now 16 and this is why I'm trying to sort it out. I tried to white list with this account and found out that my GUID was linked to 'SilentAssasino' (my actual account) it seems as soon as he found this out he banned me, I tried to explain on Skype but he ignored me it seems.

Additional Information:

This is all complicated and I stated at the beginning my situation which I hoped would help, it would've been great if he'd have listened to my explanation too.

I also donated in the hope to white list on this account but it seems I will lose the money now.


What I could have done better:

Not too sure apart from not making the second account

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  • Legend

How do you explain all the other accounts that were found?

We checked up their e-mail addresses and they matched the one you wanted for this "ModernZomgie" account. I think it is better for you to actually admit what you've done than continuing this lying game.

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Guest ModernZomgie


From what I know you sent me 3 email addresses, 2 of them don't belong to me, they belong to my friends. The one account got banned because he left the game after robbing an enemy and didn't wait/walk away long enough. The second account got banned because of 'multiple accounts' but I am fairly certain this was due to us using the same ip.


SilentAssasino must be the correct account if it is using the same GUID. I'm not lying, I am really confused as to what exactly is going on

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  • Legend

The account "NeckSummoner" has the same mail as "ModernZomgie". The mail you have registered on "ModernZomgie" is the mail YOU requested ME to change it to for you. Therefore this mail belongs to you, and Necksummoner belongs to you.

I gave you the chance to come clean, you failed.

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Guest ModernZomgie

I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

That may have been a different account but as I keep stating - I DON'T KNOW MY ACCOUNT!

I might have multiple accounts because I tried to get unblacklsited but then realized I was at fault and I keep saying that I don't know what account is the right one. The account with the correct GUID AND EMAIL will be the account that I used, it seems right now I'm getting in crap for not knowing the right account :/

If an admin were to give me the right account and delete the other accounts then this'd be so much simpler

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  • Legend

It is against our rules to have multiple accounts, and it is even more against the rules to have multiple accounts which you try whitelisting on. You clearly made those other accounts to try whitelisting again, after you lied about your age on the first account.

The posts on these accounts confirm that, since you always present yourself as someone new in the opening posts.

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  • El Presidente

It is irrelevant.

Your (unsuccessful) attempts to go around the blacklist, creation of multiple new accounts and now lying in this ban appeal has shown that you cannot be trusted as a member of this community. Therefore we have decided that all your accounts will remain permanently banned and your blacklist will not be lifted even if you are above 16.

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