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Logs of a Lost American: Logs 1-9

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/ /A bit of a biography of Dominic:

Name: Dominic 'Boa' Brock

Age: 32

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 200lbs

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Pre-Outbreak Profession: USAF Counter Sniper, Astronomer

Demeanor in Three Words: Determined, Straight Forward, and Patient

Goal: Stick with his one plan, Survive

Likes: Small Groups, hiding, ladies

Dislikes: Unnatural habits (ex: Cannibalism), Large Groups, immaturity

Entry log 1 of 90:

2nd of August 2012, 9PM,

I have decided to keep a journal/log of what has been happening. I dropped in a little off course of where I planned to land, but that’s okay. I have set up a camp for myself to rest before I begin this so called “solo” mission. I know there is no way out. I tried radio communication but it seems I am either too far out, or I was abandoned by my own, on my own. For the first 12 hours, I made a make-shift trap to prevent said “zombies” from penetrating my encampment, god only knows how long I can hold myself up here.

Entry log 2 of 90

5th of August 2012, 7:30PM,

I have travelled far today, only to come up with nothing. Strange that coming upon the green mountain that a radio tower stood there. Why and how could someone hunt up here? It all seems suspicious to me. But whatever. I found piles upon piles of bodies near the radio tower, it smelled abysmal. I decided to burn the bodies, perhaps create a signal fire to wanderers around because my food supply is running dry, as with my water. I tried hunting small game like rabbits, but the infected have made them very jumpy. I cannot even zero on these small basket fuckers as they run all the fucking time. I guess I am going to hit the sack early tonight after I recount my ammo……If I do not have enough M14SD MAGs, I am pretty fucked.

Entry log 3 of 90:

6th of August 2012, 12:00PM,

Jesus Christ, is all I have to say after what just happened. A god damn horde was outside my encampment this morning! Not necessarily in my camp, but right by it. I picked off a few stragglers that were in my way, but I let the rest go. I am going to make this short because I need to get into Zelenogorsc or whatever its called. Perhaps I will find more food.

Entry log 4 of 90:

6th of August 2012, 11:00PM,

11 straight hours of searching for food and drinks…11 fucking hours! I found a decent amount of food, but water is still scarce. I am going to have to find a body of water then boil the unpurified water to get sufficient drinking water. I encounter multiple infected in the city, now my M9 is out of ammo. No worries though, I still have 4 full M14SD mags left plus the one mag that has no sub sonic bullets on it. I will get radio contact with someone hopefully by tomorrow morning, including Chernorussian frequencies.

Entry log 5 of 90:

7th of August 2012 1:00PM,

Finally! I have comms with someone, not the US military though. It was a paramilitary group formed by random survivors out to fight the infection. Good enough though, I have no doubt that Patient Zero is still out there, but without comms with the Military, It deems this operation useless and I will have to abort until further notice. I will be setting out for a settlement called Prud Lake by nightfall. God be with me.

Entry log 6 of 90:

9th of August 2012, 5:00PM,

It has been awhile since I had a log I have written in. To catch up on things, I was attacked and robbed of my supplies but 1 can of food and my camel back. But why the fuck are Somalian pirates trying to disarm civilians of weapons to defend themselves with? If they didn’t take my bowie, I would have slit their fucking jugulars apart…. Now I do not have my silenced weapon. I tried to track the somalians to their camp. But I remembered of the Settlement I was told of by radio. I made a 1 day detour from Prud Lake to track these inbreds, but came up short. Now I start back on my journey to Prud. Now it’s time to head back on the road again, any Somalians that come across my path, will wish they never encountered me ever again.

Entry 7 of 90:

10th of August 2012, 6:00PM,

I made it to Prud a couple of hours ago, Tired and hungry. I seemed to come too late. This placed was a scene of mass murder, 5 people dead. There was a message on the wall stating “ Come and get us, American scum, we’ll be waiting..” How did they know I was coming? Is there more Americans in Chernarus? I will find these Somalians, and execute every, last, one of them. These people must have been held hostage. When one of their radios came on, they must have anticipated where I was coming from.. Crafty bastards they are. I cannot believe this happened. I guess scavenging what these people have will have to do, I do not think ill be heading off any time soon.

Entry 8 of 90:

10th of August 2012, 8:00PM,

I have decided to record my findings on these people. Currently this is what I have found so far:

- 2 Cans of Beans

- 1 Can of condensed milk

- 3 clips for a PPK

- Hunting rifle scope

- Looks like some sort of WW2 rifle, with 2 clips of 5 rounds

- Binoculars

- Can of beer (Sweet nectar of the Gods)

Entry log 9 of 90:

11th of August 2012, 10:00AM

After what I scavenged from these people, I improvised a “Sniper” with the 6x scope I found and the rifle. Haven’t tested it effectiveness yet. I buried some

of the people that were dead. But burying all of them would take all damn day. I heard gunfire coming from the south, slowing getting closer. I hid in the tree line about 100 yards from the settlement. I saw a full on firefight go on in Prud now. I could not ID the ones retreating, but could definitely ID the aggressors, Somalians. I saw one of them trying to flank around the right side of the house, behind the retreating party. I chambered one of the clips and began zeroing the rifle when I misfired multiple times (/ / Misfire is a term used by snipers when you pull the bolt back but not far enough to chamber a round\ \) After finally getting the rifle to work. I fired a couple of rounds at the Somalian, hitting him in the leg.

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