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Guest stii

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Sup dudes! I cant believe i came across this, i was so shocked.

A server where people co operate and play properly sounds like my kind of thing!

Just saying Hi, and i hope to be able to play with you guys sometime

that is all! looking forward to some bright dayz Gaming futurez ;D

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Hey! just as you im new, just found DayZRP today, waiting for my application to go through (fingers crossed!).

have fun and goodluck.

Maybe our paths will cross in Chernarus too someday!


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  • MVP

Hello and welcome to this great community, all the best with your application. Patience is the key as it could take a while for your application to be reviewed so I suggest you get yourself involved on the forums.

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  • Sapphire

Greetings and welcome to our great friendly (full of bandits :D jk) community. Hope you have fun out here :)

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