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Am I allowed to kill someone who is throwing a flare after I rob him?


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Lets say I rob this guy, he drops his guns etc, but then he throws a flare and I think its a grenade, if I kill him would that be against the rules?

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I see where you are coming, they can be easily mistaken.

Have you told him to not make any movement when you robbed him?

This hasn't happened to me now. But it has happened before.

Since it last happened I always tell the guy if he throws something he dies but just in case I forget to tell him I'm just curious if I could get punished.

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Ya i believe its allowed, however its your choice if you want to give him another chance. I don't understand how people can misclick throwing a flare unless they actually wanted to throw a grenade instead lol

I don't think he meant killing him for throwing it, he meant a reaction kill of 'THE FUCKER THREW A GRENADE!' *pew* *pew*


I don't think it would be right to kill him after you knew it was a flare though...

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Problem is, what if his friends are in the area looking for him and he pops a flare..? They would see where he is taken hostage and would have better odds finding/saving him. Thats just for cases at night though, but interesting to think about if you could just kill him then and gtfo before his friends might surround you.

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