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Is it just me?

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So I recently experienced this annoying bug. I dont know if this happens for all of you with maybe some weapons but I really hate this.

If not, how do I fix it?

Basically when I look in my scope I see the sid of my characters face and when I look behind me I see the eyes.



Thank you for your time.

- Enar

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  • Sapphire

It's most likely skin related, as I have not had the problem with any of the skins I use.

Mercenary 1 I believe?

Probably just skin-related. :)

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  • Sapphire

This was a skin related problem a while back. Did you try changing skins? Relogging ect?

I just tried re skinning and relogging but I still got this problem :(

Probably just skin-related then - not sure we can do much about that, sorry! :(

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  • Legend

And yeah also when I use any kind of hat I always see the tip of the hat through first person -.-

I would say its a bug possible happened during the recent patch. You should make a thread in the bug report section about this.

Im going to solve this and close. There isn't much we can do but plagging it to the dev team should help get the problem sorted :)

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  • El Presidente

It's most likely the accessory you chose. Try removing the hat / glasses / masks from your profile and try again.

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