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Morgan Riggs waving good bye

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Good people of the internetz. Today I am making my way off from dayzrp. I have had a good lot of fun here but I do not simply feel at home here anymore. I am going to talk about a few various topics in this last message to the community. I am just going to write without any stop, probably wont read it through for typos or grammatical errors. I'll write whatever comes out.

In the beginning

I started of here together with my Danish friend Rory. We were both new to the role playing element of dayz and we found it very interesting and fun. While meeting many new people, we wanted to find a group to stay with, some people that we like minded and had similar ideas and play-styles as us. Sadly we did not find anything that we saw interesting, so we decided to create out own group of Nordic bikers.. . Oh god, I am so glad we did not go for that idea. Instead we went with our other idea, mercenaries. And so Raven Shield Mercenaries was born. It soon became known that we were quite unique with our clan idea at that time. And the way we saw to be neutral with everyone and not rob or kill anyone without a contract made us a lot of allies and friends, until someone ordered them dead. That was always the thing with RSM, you never knew if you were on a hit list or not, never to know if you were to be robbed or not. I liked it.

Rory jumped of quite early on due to real life time complications. I kept going with the clan and met a very good and trustworthy friend Vadim. Since that day, RSM has always been run by me and Vadim.

As more and more people came to join the clan, I was determined to establish some very important ground rules of the clan. My number one rule has always been RP over Combat. It was the first rule I ever made and the most important one which made RSM what it is today. Second rule were not to rob anyone unless contracted. Third rule, you were only allowed one chance in RSM, if you left, you stay outside. These were some of the most important rules, of course there were many more, but theses were the most important once.

As we kept progressing with the clan I started to create a few different events, some were successful some were not so.

Ravens nest

Were a pub where everyone could meet up every Friday even, no matter clan or relations, everyone was welcome. And surpsingly it all worked out well. You could sit at the bar and see a SGRU member drinking vodka together with a member of CLF.

The black bazaar

Together with Zhunk we started to spawn ideas of an new event. The black market of Chernarus. A place where people could come and trade their equipment under the protection of RSM. Something that were usually not so appreciated but SGRU or any other Russian group.

Not many settlements where ever built before or after the original trade post.

Together with Goz, him and me started the foundation of what I think was the first ever player controlled camped on dayzrp. Haven.

After many weeks of planning, rule writing, arma 2 editing and rp lore, it finally stood ready on S1.

Haven were supposed to be a CLF controlled camp with the help of mercs, RSM. Together with the Black bazaar and the Ravens nest it quickly became a popular hub for stopping by and conducting trade and making rp.

After the removal of Haven, Ravens Nest and black bazaar moved to different places and kept going.

To conclude the in game related things, I had a great time together with the people involved in these events and clans. I love you guys.

The community

As I was and still am a developer and IT technician it quickly became interesting for me to help out on dayzrp with developing and other community related issues. I talked to a good guy named Rel about helping out and before I got to blink I was welcomed into the developer staff. Later I became a community member too. Everything seemed fine, but after some disagreement and insults from another member of the staff, I decided it was time to leave the staff. I stayed and helped the developer section out for some time but later my inactivity in dev went down as the fun got taken away from that certain staff member.

Even though I left staff I kept working on various ideas and topics on the forum.

One of the most important and best thing I have ever acomplished here in my eyes is the foundation for the cancer sick children, together with the help of dayzrp WE raised 30 000 Swedish Crowns! I'll leave you to convert that to whatever currency you like.


Later Autumn last year something happened of RP. The community I was brought into and liked had s tarted to change. From the popularity of the videos of a certain youtuber, dayzrp became over populated with new people. Don't get me wrong, I like new people. The problem here was that it all happened so fast that we together with staff had no way of controlling what was happening. And when I am saying we, I really mean everyone of us. In my eyes, to keep the community and its standard, we all together need to be part of teaching these newcomers our ways of role play and rules. You can see how the amount of people quickly became a problem.

Our cozy medium small community soon became something I never wanted.

Many old friends and other dinosaurs of this community left due to this.

I think that it all happened to fast for people to adept and that is where dayzrp lost its standard for role play and community family feeling. Many may disagree with me, and that is okey, you can do that because this is only my op.

Last words on that topic. It was not the new comers fault, a community needs to be built together and take time to inspire and lead people in the right directions.

Many of these things including others led to the reason why I wanted RSM to have a break from dayzrp, we were all tiered and needed some fresh air. After the comeback, we hoped things would had been established back to normal, but it had not, and it never worked out.

Main reasons for leaving

I have been active here for a year, during that time, I've played one single character with one clan. Morgan Riggs, RSM. It has been extremely time consuming and many times I had problems turning of the computer due to all the work that had to be done. This is not the reason why I am leaving.

My reasons for leaving are the long lost feeling of home. DayzRP for me feels like an empty shell, many great friends are gone, The old good dayzrp spirit is gone for me, and no matter how hard I try it will not come back. I have had some recent issues with a few members of the staff which has made me very disappointed and sad, and my overall experience of how things are being run on dayzrp at the current moment and past months is not a direction which I approve of.

I think it is extremely sad to see the community go this way. There are many superb role players here right now which I wish where here for the real good times.

Another reason for my good bye is that I have started a new project. Sadly I am not allowed to tell you anything about it here on dayzrp since it is against the rules. What I can tell you though is that it is a community which will not be competing with Dayzrp for DayZ or its members. If you have any questions I wish you not to ask them here since you might be issued warning points or bans.

This project is eating time right now which makes it hard to spend more time here. But it is a lot of fun and I have many plans ahead :)

Another reason for leaving is also my job has been asking more of me, so has my lady, which I am thinking about engaging :)

I am not going to write much more than this. It would become to boring to read anyway.

With all of my heart, I love you guys, you have been great, you know who you are and you know that no matter what you can always contact me on skype or facebook for a round of games or chat.

I'll leave my skype here: tobias-ander

Love you <3

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  • Sapphire

o7 Morgan I will miss you buddy. I only really got to rp with you over radio because thats the time are guy in my clan robbed your guys. I have met you a few times and god I love your rp. Its sad to see you the community will be down a really cool/nice person now. Good luck Morgan with the rest of your life and have fun.:)

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  • Sapphire



So long, Morgan.

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Guest Shākya

I understand and a agree with a lot of your reasoning Morgan, it's a great shame to see you leaving - you were a very valuable member of this community and your contributions shall not be forgotten. I wish you the best of luck for the future mate, hopefully we can keep in contact through Skype. Cheers, Shakya! :D

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  • Emerald

I guess my goal of kidnapping you and cutting off your beard will never come true. I was gonna take out one of your eyes so you could wear a cool eyepatch! Ah well, I guess I will just look at my missing thumb and imagine instead.

Sad to see such a valued community member go. Will always remember your time here on the server, and even if RSC doesn't play on the server, their story will continue in the DayZRP universe. Your clan has certainly had an impact on my character and clan.

I do share some of your opinions. DayZRP community has changed, and it seems much more hollow as you said. I feel as if the only people I should care about are in my clan, and everyone else is just another member. When the community was smaller, this was different. I joined just before the huge rush of members, but the little time I had before it was great.

Good luck in your future project, Riggs. I still have the details you sent me if it's the same thing you're talking about. Will be sure to check it out and bring a few friends with me. Stay safe, friend <3

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  • Emerald

This sucks, One of the best in the community leaving, so much respect for everything you have given to us. You will be missed around here. Good luck with your future projects Morgan.


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I actually read all of this, and i feel you about the community part. Before i joined SDS i had none of my friends that still played (RF buddys). I was debating if i should leaving or not.

But i decided to give dayzrp another try, and eventually joined my rivals that i have been fighting against for over a year. And i have been having just as much fun.

Good luck on your project.

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  • Sapphire

A man who is well respected in the community has left. I will miss you Riggs. We played MC with Soren together and had you forced me out of a clan of Mercs that were competing agains RSC. I will miss you man. You were a great asset to the community. Good Luck out there man

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  • Emerald

What shall I say.... As I told you once rsm was one of the best clans on dayzrp. We've had a lot of troubles ig during my membership in sgru but when I created nrf I always wanted my clan to be at the standard of rsm. I've seen your different departments and I wanted them as well. I saw your rsm gif I wanted them as well and so on. It's a shame to see you go and I hope one day you come back not as rsm and not as Morgan Riggs but for sa and with some fresh ideas.... I wish you the best of luck with your new project !!!

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It's truly a shame to see you leave but your reasons are understandable. With your departure we see one of the community greats wave goodbye, leaving behind a legacy that will be hard to erase from the community and impossible to remove from peoples memories.

I wish you nothing but the best of luck on your future endeavors.

Goobye Mr Riggs. A legend and an inspiration.


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I never really got to role play with you the way I wanted, but I really felt like the R.S.C had a huge impact on me in DayZRP and I feel that is one of the strong reasons why I still play.

Thanks for all you have brought to the community and thank you for bringing R.S.M to glory. Good luck and take it safe.

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Never met you personally, but you don't have to see your impact here. Your work on player run camps and events were some of the most successful, and a high standard of RP was set thanks to you and a few others. Good luck in the future with life and future projects. :)

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  • Diamond

Cya on TS :)

Thanks for everything Morgan, much love <3

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  • MVP

I never met you in game but I met RSM while in the Ravens Nest. You are an extremely valued member of the community and as I can see you're really respected here. Its a shame you are leaving but sometimes its what you need to do.


Best of luck for the future and with your project.

Peace Out!

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  • Legend

I´m over a year in DayZRp too and I also did read all of what you wrote, but I can´t agree and I dont feel the same way.

Did the community change? Yes, but in a good way in my opinion.

And we dont have to agree on everything.

I wish you all the best!

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  • Sapphire

While I agree with some of your points I disagree with some of them too, you mention how you have been "active" for the past months, has this been on an alternative character? Because i'm sure a lot of people never saw you online, only some of your members have been online the past 2 months.

Either way good luck with whatever you decide to do now, thanks for the events and money you raised for cancer awareness.

With that being said; Good luck and cya in a week.

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  • MVP

Goodbye Morgan!

You and the Ravens shall be missed!

And thank you for all the things you did for the community!


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