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The Journey to Chernarus

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Part 1 – North America

I always thought that when I would go sky diving that I would be doing it for leisure and it would scare the piss out of me. I wasn't scared. It was necessary. Since this whole thing started I've done more traveling than I ever did before. I just wish it was under better circumstances.

After the majority of the United States was taken out and society started to rebuild is when things got really hairy. Warlords and sociopaths were taking over the government, and everything was ruled with an iron fist. Instead of hiding behind doors and exchanging money for power, these new rulers were exchanging blood for blood. After being asked to do something I knew I would never be able to come back from I quickly decided to get myself as far away as possible. I drove north, I figured the deeper into Canada I got the better off I would be. It was a constant struggle to find supplies, my compatriots were dying off rapidly, we ran out of gas multiple times and had to hike days along the northern roads until I we found gas, and days back to our vehicles. It was the most difficult and trying time of my life. And then winter came.

I cannot talk about that winter and the unspeakable evils I had to do. I had to leave the United States to avoid becoming the person I feared I would become. Alas, it was going north that made the person I am now look like the fucking pope had I stayed. Through all the trials and tribulations I endured that winter I did learn something. I know what it takes to survive.

Early spring: As the snow melted and the birds came back, as food became plenty, I was able to relax. I was alone, but well fed. Just after sunrise one morning I was awoken by a cacophony of noise. After the silence of winter, the plane flying overhead was almost unbearable. But I knew that was my best chance. I set off in the direction it was flying. It was almost a fortnight when the plane passed by again, going the other direction. I readjusted my route and set off to its starting location. After 2 months of this process I found where the plane called home base was. I waited until it departed for another two week journey and made my way into the camp. That’s when I met Bill.

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