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*Unknown radio message*

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Hello, survivors. My name is not important, you can call me the Lonely One.

I don't know where the hell I am, but I still do not want to be here, the infection has spread everywhere, there isn't a single hill, field or city in this hell hole that isn't filled with the infected. Now, I gotta live here, survive, like everyone else. If you are listening to this, you are alive, you are a survivor, you can be in a group or alone or with a friend, doesn't matter, we are all the same now.

No "Heroes", no "Bandits", just survivors.

Now, what do you do to others or with yourself, that's your choice.

- TheLonelyOne

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*Amy tilts her head as the radio transmission interrupts her work. She listens, and shrugs, before returning to her meticulous carving.*

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*Charles stands up and places one hand on his long stingy beard, stroking it slowly* William, come listen to this. *William strides over* funny there are still people out there trying to communicate, heh. Oh well, I guess we should go try and find him *pick's himself off the couch and grabs car keys*

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*John is separating his medical equipment listening intently to the radio he still hasn't had any contact with other survivors "Seems to me we've got a new friend." *Closes door to cabin

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