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quick question

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Are you talking about the SA, I realise you have no IG name under your profile.

If you are, then there are no rules on the SA server because there aren't any ways of enforcing them, no admin tools etc.

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  • Emerald

I assume that you are referring to the Standalone. Currently, the rules for this server cannot be enforced due to the lack of administration tools. The majority of this server's population are random players most of the time due to the lack of whitelist.

Role playing is still advised, but you must naturally take care to prevent being KOSed by public players. There are a number of "settlements" (which can be found here) that players have inhabited so you have a location to visit for guaranteed RP players. If you can, I would initiate and kidnap the player before drugging him/her to make it fun for both sides. Loot is not easy to find on standalone and the lack of transportation makes getting to these settlements a pain.

You should always think about how it will affect the other party before doing it, it is a game after all!

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  • Emerald

You can use chlorophorm when ever you'd like...but its a hostile action, it also counts as an initiation. The person you knock out will have every right to murder you without prejudice. However the risk is the roleplay aspect. Why are you doing what your doing? Does the other party know whats going on? Did you want to talk to them or rob them? Alot of this game is the experience. Ask yourself if it feels right.

But if your in standalone do anything you'd like. Its anarchy around there.

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  • Emerald

That is unfortunate, was it on the mod or standalone? And are you happy with the answers?

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Using chloroform on somebody does count as a hostile action and does indeed grant you KOS rights on that person. However, just because a person chloroforms you does not mean they get a free pass at executing you. There has to be a very good RP reason as stated in the rules.


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