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Hello everyone!

Everyone can call me Big Daddy. I'm a long time gamer of many different games. My son plays here and in watching him I decided to give this a try. I white listed recently and I am now in game. I look forward to meeting all of you and hope to have along gaming experience with you soon.

As a gamer I can not stand Bandits or those that take from the weak. I normally stand up for those that can not stand up for themselves. I plan to play heavy RP when I am here as I have had my fill of KOS.

My RP experience goes back 25 plus years when I was around 13ish and started playing DnD pin and paper and I really miss the RP element of gaming. It is a great time gaming with my teenage son and I would recommend it to all of you!

Again thank you for the welcome and I look forward to being encounter in the wilds!

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Diggy    0

Welcome aboard! Great to see you took interest in this awesome community.

I'm interested to see how you and your son RP together if you end up playing with him. To my knowledge I don't know of any parents and children who play this together, so it would be cool to see that RPed out in game.

Whatever you decide, I hope your stay is a good one!

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Dave    1

Welcome to the community, if your looking for a clan please check out mine in my signature :D

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