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... are always the hardest. Hey, I'm Haven and I hope to actively participate... at some point or another. My current location of employment (Afghanistan) means I have a lot of other priorities that I must attend to before anything else. Unfortunately, my internet is slow to the point that playing an online game is a dream at its best and a cruel joke at its worst.

I do, however, plan on attempting to participate in the forum-based RPs. That is something I have been doing for many years. In fact, if you are a fan of the Halo video game and have browsed the forums anytime over the past year or longer, you might have seen the RP I'm in and helped start. It's the longest lasting and (as far as I know) only Halo RP on the official waypoint forums. I will either play as a character inspired by my current normal (standalone) player, Dr. Grant, who has had a rather interesting life and is the longest living character that I have ever had... and he's still ticking! If not him, then I will play as my concept character... a pilot from America whose puddle jumper crashed and left him stranded far from home in one of the worst places you could imagine...

Here's to a long stay and a lot of fun!

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