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Guest Katherine

A Character backstory i thought of opinions wanted

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Guest Katherine

Please give some feedback, Tell me what you like or don't like and be honest. All forms of criticism are appreciated.

Character backstory: Maric Green is a 27 year old man, That was born in Liverpool, England, After the outbreak, He lost most of his family and his dog "Laura". He left The united kingdom and went east, Towards the slavic countries. He ended up in chernarus, close to the russian border, He eventually went north of chernarus and head to a city that was told to be the "salvation" of mankind, It was home to 1,000 survivors that ran a community out of a broken destroyed town left by the outbreak. He stayed there, making a name for himself, Doing dirty work for a living. Eventually he became a mercenary and moved away from the city after contracts became dry and none needed any work done.

He ran solo, But on occasions worked with his partner Dmitry, However he got into trouble while at the town, He had a debt to repay. He lost some stole property that a very infamous smuggler in the city wanted to get in, But was considered contrabanned. I use the word "stolen" loosely, As he took the RKM pristine and a Military grade pistol and hit the south, Heading towards the commonwealth. Maric knew that the man would attempt to follow him there and retrieve his stolen property, He lost some of his debt collectors in the crowd keeping himself a low profile for about a few months, occasionally doing some small work on the side to feed his belly and keep shelter. Unlike the town he came from, The commonwealth was about business and profit. If mercs came that didn't prove to be well known or proficient in contracts.

They were banned from entering the inner city, Which is why most traders, survivors and Mercenaries were stuck outside and have limited contracts limited to them. Maric got in through some traders that he helped back at the town. They said he knew some of guys up and the hierarchy and would give him exclusive access to the city where most cannot go. Of course there were other alternatives for people to leave but it was slow and time consuming. Hardly one hundred a month could enter. Weather or not it was rigged to allow such few in, Is up to debate. However, While working inside the walls, He retrieved a offer he could not refuse, From a woman in Chernarus, Called Briana simpson.

The job was to help find her brother to her by any means necessary, He got the letter from a cherno russian informant. He accepted the deal, He brought the gear with him, The stole property from before, And moved out. It took him a few days, But eventually he arrived in chernarus, With a group of survivors that wanted to head to chernarus as well. He asked them questions, Basic ones about big groups and towns being run. Settlements. He asked information about prud, In which the information listed on the document about the job talked about. The job talked about the meeting place called prud, Which is why he inquired much about it.

After being pointed in the direction he went off. However things got bad to worse, Because since leaving the Commonwealth, He was being followed by the debt collectors. After all these months they were chasing after him. When he and Briana finally met up. She gave the possible locations and what she learned also about a decent description. Maric at first chuckled and humored her, Asking her if she thought this was charity work. Briana took out some explosives, a ied and two satchel charges as well as a kevlar vest. It was more than he ever has been offered, He accepted and they took some hours finding locations and trying to gather intel.

Finally after some close calls, They narrowed it down to two possible locations. Before they could investigate, They were interrupted by the debt collectors, They were pissed as hell, After they confronted them about the stolen property, Briana, Was pissed that Maric didn't tell her about this and the baggage he brought during their meeting. So what resulted of the confrontation was both of them being knocked out and interrogated and tortured, Even though Briana wasn't responsible they tortured her anyways, They were cruel and sadistic. Maric was hurt worse, and paid a heavy price that would change his life for ever. After the interrogation and torture, They have what they wanted and infected him with the virus, Threw him outside and knocked him out. Briana was let go as well.

After waking up, Maric realise he had little time left, He ran into some people calling themself the "black company." He told them what happened, About being infected, His time was running short and he was beginning to contemplate suicide if he couldn't get a cure. They are considering to accept him into their group. Would they save his life and be in debt again? Would he run off if he they would give him a cure? Do they have a cure at all?

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It is realistic.

The concept of an civiliation somewhere functional is a good concept and works well with having debt collects chasing you and eventually making you repay the debt in a horrible way where you obtain a goal for your own survival.

Its legit and clear and pretty good but i need to know what people think about that there is allready something like a city civilisation allready.

I mean we had altar functioning as a tiny one and a clan [NWO] doing one too soooo yeah its pretty good.

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