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Mercenary 1

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Hey guys, so do you know if mercenary 1 show a clan badge. Oh and do you think mercenary 1 looks like something a civilian could wear? Thanks

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Im pretty sure all mercs show clan tags IG. Also voodoo had made a thread showing what skins show tags and those that don't.

Also to the 2nd question: wear what your character would wear.. It does not matter if he is a civ. Soldier or a doctor. Rp the style of clothinv your character would wear ;)

Hope it helped.. I can not link the thread atm as i am on my phone.

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This should help:



There is also one for backpacks in the guides and tutorials section

Solving but leaving it open for discussion :)

(Just saw the second question)

Id say do what stags said make the skin fit the character you play :P

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