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Hello people of DayZRP dot com

I've decided to join this community because I love role playing and I love DayZ, both the mod and standalone. I just wish I had heard about the group earlier.

But regardless of when I join, I feel like I might just have a real good time here, can't wait to play with you people!

Just gotta wait for non-donors to be able to apply for whitelist again.

Added later that day *Imagine an arrow pointing down*

I guess that I should inform you about myself, or else it wouldn't be much of an introduction.

To start off with, I'm sixteen years old and I live in Denmark.

My hobbies consist of playing games on my battle station, the rig is worth 1473 Euro (That's 11000 Dkk) and is a half year old. The rest, like screens and what not, I have no idea.. I use Razor keyboard & headset and Rocat mouse, and my two screens are what ever best screens I found in my basement, both 1080p.

My real life is all about getting some kind of education in media entertainment, movie editing or poster making (Most likely the education I'm heading towards got all of that in one.), as soon as I'm done with that, in Denmark I'll move to the UK.

My favorite meal is everything that has some kind of fish in it, bloody love fish, I also go out fishing with my pa sometimes, not that much anymore, by we used to catch and eat our own fish. Lot's of fun.

My favorite color depends on the situation, but I usually choose a combination of orange & white OR blue & white.

Nice to meet you.

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Hi. Im Joe. Its nice to meet you.

Sorry about the whitelist being semi-closed. Normally I wouldn't recommend donating money in order to get a shot at playing a game...however with this one it is well worth it. I understand also that everyones circumstances are different. With that being said, this game is worth waiting to play on. It really is.

However you said you like stand alone? Our server for that currently does not have a whitelist or password protection, so feel free to hop on that. There is a forum section dedicated to standalone dayz. In there you can learn about updates current and upcoming. Also you can find some other people to play with there as well as on the teamspeak. There is a section on that as well for people who want to play and look for groups.

In the meanwhile I recommend that you read the rules and supplimental rules again for the simple fact that it couldnt hurt. Also read the report sections for examples of how not to play.

explore the forums if thats your cup of tea. There is lots to read, and you can even write roleplay stories if it pleases you.

Welcome to the community. I hope you can be whitelisted soon. When you do get in, I hope to meet you in game. Ill tell you who to look out for.

if you have any questions or want to talk about anything feel free to pm me, poke me on team speak, or join my channel and say hi. If im not at the top, look down at the bottom-- thats where the watchers hangout...the basement.

Good luck.

---Joe Kalista

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Hello. Welcome. Enjoy your stay here. And good luck on the whitelist.

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Thats where the watchers hangout...the basement.

---Joe Kalista

But usually the best watch point is up top, like the roof?

Anyways, thanks for the reply, and don't you worry, I'm already busy lurking around the forums, and reading the rules twice, maybe I'm even gonna read them three times.

And those rules, man you'll be able to wake me up at midnight (If I actually fell asleep) and ask me for the rules, I'll tell 'em without hesitation as soon as I open my eyes.

Okay maybe not, but it would be rather cool if I could do that, and if you managed to find out where I live I'd appreciate you not waking me up at midnight..

Yeah I'm gonna hop on that DayZ SA server, I'll hop on teamspeak too, expect me in a few days then, right now I'm not home and I'm on my laptop, I'll be home in five to six days, having an important entrance exam test thing, that'll determinant if I'm suited for this high standard school, so I'll see you in a few days.

According to donating, It's not like I'm having a money crisis, It's just that I'd rather prefer to donate when I know that I'm gonna stay, call me selfish, but I don't like donating if I don't benefit from it.


good luck on the whitelist.

Thanks, I'm gonna take that luck and store it in my safe under my carpet.

I wish I had one.. but I'll still grab that luck that you brought upon me!

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