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Our First and Oldest Professor is Back!!!

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Just 6 months ago, I was hearty with a great multitude of men and women, but now I have isolated myself to the point people not knowing or remembering who I am. It is troublesome to say the least.

I now come back from the house and home I confided myself, and face the world once again.

This time I will not be as unprotected as I always was. I will now carry a pistol in my bag at all times. But wont be waving it around in my hand like the rest of the world dose.

I do want people to come to me for help and advice, or words of Intelligence. I am willing to help anyone with their problems, as long as it dose not put me or the ones I care about in harms way.

Be ready World... The Professor is BACK!!!

I do not know if I am ready to join any clans and groups at this time. I will check up with RSC/RSM to see how they are doing. But it dose not sound like they need my help at this time, (Unless they need me for my piloting a helicopter, in that case I will not help you on my main character, I will create a new character with a better background that will work for a Heli Pilot.)

I am here to stay so come RP with me.

This is my Story http://www.dayzrp.com/t-prof-phin-thomson-s-journal-log

And my Character's Trailer http://www.dayzrp.com/t-if-i-make-a-rp-machinima-would-people-help

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Welcome back phin! I remember you when I talked to you about me being immune to the infection back in ravens nest!

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Welcome back Phin! Glad to hear you will be bringing slight protection with you now.

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