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Today was an odd day.


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Today started with a normal run from Prud Lake to Stary Sobor, on our way to Stary I decided I wanted my picture taken since it was nice in the apocalyptic world of Chernarus. So I got my good pal Alfred who was running with me at the time to use his new camera he found to take some wild pictures of me and my G36 glistening in the air. After about 15 minutes of different angles and poses he realized that he had the camera lens cap on. (Silly Alfred) After slapping him a couple times for his stupidity I just said screw it and got one chance at a good shot so I made the best of it.


A long time afterwards Alfred and I made our way to berezino and noticed there was a tan Offroad behind the hospital so we run off looking for industrial-looking places to find some tires and such. We met back up at the truck about 15 minutes later to put everything we found into place keep in mind though we were on radio comms so keeping on track was easy. After putting all attempting to put on a wheel a wild zombie appears and samurai chops my leg and breaks it, crawling away in a panic I grabbed the ladder leading to the hospital roof and climbed up as fast as I could. Once I had reached the top I had realized I morphed into a demon and needed an exorcism, lovely Alfred was here to take a picture to help you understand.


I sadly didn't get a picture but to top all this off we got the car working and went to Guba in search of a wild PBX containing the mysterious Coyote backpack. Once we arrived at Guba we were let down by the sight of not seeing a PBX, on our way turning around and heading towards berezino I lost control of the vehicle and decided to jump out.(I was kicked from the game for no reason) The Offroader burned to flames in the water and I, in shame, made my way back to berezino on foot.

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Best life story ever. When can I do stuff like that

I don't count becoming a demon and losing a vehicle an accomplishment. but if you insist on doing stuff like this than I insist you go for a swim in Guba and salvage my vehicle :D

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