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Thomas Walker's adventures

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*As you are rummaging through a store you see a tattered green book, you pick it up and open to the first page*

First entry

Hey journal, guess that's how you start a entry into a journal, wouldn't know this is my first time, anyways I was told by a man this was a way to pass time in this damned world we are now forced to live in.

I will start at the events that happened this morning. I was traveling down the road toward a lake to replenish my water supply when I hear rustling in the bush suddenly 3 men pop out and a raspy voice says "Drop your fucking weapon, you have 5 seconds", I did not see any logical way to take them all out so I comply. They ask me for Identification, I hand them my drivers license. They tell me to wait there. A few minutes later I hear a helicopter, they tell me when it lands I will get in it and follow the pilots orders. The heli lands and I comply. After about 15 minutes of flying there a aircraft carrier comes into view, the pilot lands and I hear a stern voice say get out and prepare to be searched. I get out and the heli lifts and is gone within seconds. A man comes out of the ATC onto the deck along with 2 others. The man that comes out first is unarmed but has a commanding look on his face, the other two are armed with PKMs and follow the front one. They ask me many questions, pat me down, then tell me to follow them.

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