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20 Warning points Appeal

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  • Emerald

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

The verdict is fair, and I understand I did do wrong. The reason I'm making this appeal is because I feel that it has been a very long time, though I have not been playing all this time. I do request that as time goes on I might lose 5 points every 2 months depending on the fact that my behaviour has changed or when you feel Ive earned it.

I want to bring up something I heard as well from another member of SKA that spoke to Ceasar. He mentioned to me that Ceasar told him that the amnesty points might eventually fall off after a couple of months.

Now I understand that I was not offered this because of my reaction towards what was happening. And I suspect that the staff team was quite close to permanently banning me just because of the fuss I was giving. Though I might have feelings against your decision it is really not a good enough reason to argue with your judgement. You guys have worked hard in making a very decent server, and I have been lucky thus far to be able to play with the people on this server and meet the people I have met.

I owe a lot of people apology's, and I would apologize to each of you personally but it seems ultimately impossible as many of you are busy most of the time. So all I can say to all of you is that I am sorry for being disrespectful and arguing with you.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

The reason that I am asking this is because I hate the feeling of how I play and always have that 20 points staring down on me. It makes it difficult to enjoy the game out of fear that I might accidentally do something then never be able to return.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I would like to achieve that the amnesty would slowly fall off. I don't expect it to happen immediately but I would ask that if you notice me not causing trouble as well as following the rules and not flaming, that you decrease the points.

What could you have done better?:

Well personally I still feel that before I met him I hated him, and I joined SKA with all the friends I had. Now winslow seemed like a nice guy, and grew to be a good friend of mine. I am not sorry for not giving him up.

The part I apologize for was staying in the clan. Once I learned of his presence I should of just left and not returned, though understand that it was also hard to make that choice as many of my friends were in the clan. But if the situation arose again, I would just deny joining the clan and play by myself until I found somewhere else to go.

I'm sure as well that I have caused a lot of trouble for this community and staff. I hope that by my actions in the future you can see that I intend to change.

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  • El Presidente

It's a reasonable request (removal of some of the points every now and then for good behavior). We'll discuss this internally.

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  • El Presidente

The request has been discussed in the admin team and we've decided to deny your request, at least for now.

The motivation behind the decision is based on the fact that during your DayZRP career you have gathered a total of 73 warning points, over 2 permabans worth of points. We have not seen any improvement or major change in your behavior as of yet. For now, this appeal does not give us any ground to revoke your points. We want to see that you've improved your in game behavior and that you can properly follow the server rules. Once we see that, we might reconsider this request.

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