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THE (UN)OFFICIAL DayZ SA Trading Thread!

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In order to perhaps spark up some friendly player interactions in the DayZ SA server, I thought it'd be a good idea to arrange some trading! So, if you have an item you no longer need/want, or wish to get an item you don't have, post here, and someone may just be willing to trade.

When posting, take these factors into consideration:

  • What items you want to recieve
  • What you have to give
  • What sort of items you do NOT need/want
  • Your rough location, or distance you are willing to travel

Please note, it is advised people finalise their trading locations and deals in PMs, as pesky bandits may be watching this thread to figure out where people will be trading items - easy kills.

Thank you! Trade away!

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Hello! I guess I'll start this up!

So.. I am looking for:

- A pristine Bible

- Speed loaders for both a magnum and double barrel.

- Any scope for an M4

- A double mag for the M4

Willing to trade:

- Ammunition for almost any weapon

- Pristine PKU SKS scope, as well as the weapon itself

- FNX 45 Mag

- 1911 Mag

- An O- blood bag

- A IV saline bag

- Foods/drinks

I am currently stationed around Berezino, but I don't mind making a trip :)

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  • Emerald

Looking for: Pristine Robinson Crusoe

Willing to trade: Pristine magnum.

Make it happen people! I'm around the North-eastern part of the map.

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  • Diamond

The trading thread was removed for a reason..i can see this being shot down quickly too..

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