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You have to wait until the staff officially reviews it. It takes a lot of time to be checked since there are so many others trying to get in like you. Patience is key my friend. I waited a long time to but in the end its worth it. But good luck with you application!

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Guest Biiddy

The admins get many whitelists in each day, it takes time, just be patient, whilst waiting read up on threads in the forums, get a jist of your surroundings basically.

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  • MVP

Patience is the key, people have waited for more than 2 weeks. The admins work hard to process the applications. Trust me if you get accepted it will be worth the wait.

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As others have stated you need to be patient. Admins wear many different hats and are constantly busy with apps, reports and other things, not to mention IRL things as well. One thing I can say is that they work extremely hard getting whitelist apps done as quickly as possible. Again, just be patient. Take this time to browse forums and go over the rules. The forums are very addicting and to be honest can be the best part of the community.


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  • Legend

Thankyou guys for your advice... my application has been accepted! :D

Remember to change your ingame name. The one you used today is not following our standards, and if you're seen with that online you will be kicked without warning.

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