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Time to take a break. Phew.

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I've been having fun so far, but I think nowadays I've experienced more robbery RP and I've been killed quite a few more times than I would've really liked to, even though I try to avoid any situation in which I would be killed. No way to escape it, it seems.

I'm not leaving for good, but I just need to take a break from taking time to gather items, then going out and roleplaying, and then soon getting robbed/killed. That's all.


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This is one of the reasons I hung around, but ... yeah. Guess I never really got my foot in the door as much as I'd hoped.

On to bigger and better things, then!

On a side-note, yeah, I've been thinking about just taking a break for a week or so.

Not that I get robbed often. Quite the opposite. I've been hoping for some action, but I can never seem to find anyone these past few days.

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I haven't been robbed for months, these days I actually try and get robbed for some RP experience yet never do.

There are always way to avoid robberies and yet find RP with suitable individual(s).

Trust me man, you must be doing something wrong. I have a feeling you might be going to the man hubs to find people to role play with, such as prud or north west. With that said (if you are), I highly recommend that you venture else where, you will find small groups of people and in my opinion that is the best way to have a genuine role play experience.

Besides that, best of luck and I hope you come around to try give it another go.

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