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Brother old Brother

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AS Kent is walking through the forest near Prud lake he comes across a dead man he walks up to him then he drops to his knees in horror relising that it is Buck Jones his own brother who had been in living hell sence August 3rd 2013 had also died in living hell as Kent stands up he looks at his brother and starts to cry "Im sorry that I was never there brother" Kent walks to Bucks body and takes his old cowboy hat that had once belonged to James Jones the oldest of the three adopted brothers and puts the hat on and begins to walk away when Bucks body begins to move Kent turns around and mutters "Brother?" then Buck lets out a moan and opens his eyes and lunges twords Kent with a thirst for blood Kent sees that his brother is long gone and is now one of those things Kent pulls out his hunting knife and runs at Bucks infected body and yells "This is for you so that you may finally rest in peace!" Kent thrusts his blade into the infected body of Buck this somehow ends him and his long life of hatred and disorder Kent begins to cry thus ending the Sorrowful Life of Buck Jones


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