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The Story of the Pot Smoking Sociopath.

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It was a sunday. It was raining. I wore a light coat. All I had to keep me sane was beans and possibly the last ounce of pot. The green shimmers of THC left me in a state of mind that one could describe as, a cloud. I never minded anyone who smoked, I understood clearly that it was a lifestyle, a not very accepted life style but a lifestyle at best. But I digress.

As I stood watch at a small camp north of city known as Cherno with my friend Otto, who I had met through a common goal of helping others, we waited patiently for our friend James who had found a vehicle. With it we believed obtaining supplies who help us greatly. Aside from the usual inside jokes and talks of past memories, we quickly grew bored.

This changed quickly, we heard the sound of a vehicle moving towards us. Believing it to be James, we walked down from the second story of the building from the rear and began moving towards the front gate. The vehicle came into view and our body's quickly entered a state of hesitation. The vehicle was a military LRV four door humvee with no weaponry such as a heavy machine gun at the top. It stopped on the dirt road and as soon as it did two men came out one dressed almost like a typical Aussie hunter, the other a typical looking mercenary.

They approached the gate and the Aussie looking man asked "Excuse me are you with the Watchers?"

I simply took a hit of my joint and handed it to Otto who just stared at it, contemplating whether to take a hit or not.

"No we are just independent individuals living here for a few days." I answers in soft tone.

He looked at his friend who was quiet for the duration of the time they were here.

"Do you two need any food or drink? We also have medical supplies to spare." I informed him.

He hesitated to answer as if kindness to others was a foreign concept.

"N-No thank you we are fine." he said almost timidly.

"If you see the Watchers, just be sure to let them know Vincent says hi." He said with a cold hearted tone.

He then turned around and began walking to his vehicle, with his lackey close to him like a mother whales calf.

As he drove away Otto handed me my joint curious to what had just happened. I looked at him and took it ashing it against gate. I placed my hand on his shoulder and began walking back to my post. I then said whispered to myself with a grin,

"Something fun is about to happen."

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  • Emerald

((Dude...by the title I thought this was about me. Either way nice writing. Damien cross...are you an old member who re-Whitelisted? I met a damien cross a long while back.

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No sir I had just joined last month, I've been very interested in joining for a while but College, Xbox, and life itself kept me busy. Then I saw Chad Taylor's videos and he pulled me back in!!!

((Dude...by the title I thought this was about me. Either way nice writing. Damien cross...are you an old member who re-Whitelisted? I met a damien cross a long while back.

Sorry I posted instead of replying! Reply is above!

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  • Emerald

((Right on dude. Welcome to the server. Its alot of fun here. Hope to see you in game sometime. I think I might have something for you. Snoochie poochies. >=-D

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  • Sapphire

Let's just make this clear, I didn't smoke the joint.

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