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The diary of John "job" Bazarov.

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Guest johnygt7

The beginning

John 'job' Bazarov was borned in Greece.At his early 20s he decided to join the Army.Time was passing and rumours could be heard.Rumours about the dead returning to life.First in the television and the internet...then in the newspapers.I wish it was just rumours..I wish it was a sick Joke...But i saw them..I saw the devil himshelf.

John job's squad was chosen along with some other special forces squads to participate in an exercise.The exercise would take place in a U.S military base near texas.The soldiers were worried.Their supervisor's were constantly talking about the outbreak that occured.They were talking about chernorussia, about a mission..After a few weeks the group moved to the U.S.A.They had their training there and then it happened.It was a rainy night, i couldn't sleep.I knew something was wrong.Suddenly Colonel George busted down the door.

"Soldiers!You probably heard about the outbreak.About the living dead.You most likely already know about the Situation in Chernorussia.Well..i got some bad news for you.We lost contact with our people their.Last report was 3 days ago, in a military base on the Green mountains."

I stood up of my bed and asked "What is this suppose to mean partner?"

"It means that your squad along with 2 other U.S squads will fly to chernorussia tommorow morning.A plane will be here at 600.So get your shit together.You are going to war folks"

I was so confused and so scared.. wished it was an april fool's joke.However it wasn't even April.

The next day the Airplane came.Someone shouted that we had to get inside,so we did.My legs were shaking,i could not breath.I knew something was completely wrong.Colonel George stood up on some point and this is what he said:

"Soldiers!Our ETA on the Green mountains is 30 minutes.Get your staff and prepare to parachute.After you secure the military base you will move on foot.There's a field on the eastern side of the mountain.You will secure it, and make sure we are able to land."

"YES SIR" The soldiers replied.

From what i remember they only gave me a pistol..So i asked Colonel george why i didn't have a gun...

"Colonel!Why don't you give me a big gun like everybody else?"

"Because the last time you tried to shoot john, you shot near a Humvee's fuel tank and you almost blew up the military base!Stay with the group.You will be fine"

After he said that we heard the co pilot yelling for help.Turned out that something was wrong with the pilot.He started going crazy,he even tried to bite the co pilot.Unfortunately he acheived that.The crazy pilot or "Zombie" as people call them nowdays, managed to cut 3 fingers off the co pilot.And then...shit happened.Colonel george shooted both of them down but the airplane started going down.Before we even realise what the fuck was going on we were on the ground.That was the list time i saw Colonel George.

I remember myshelf waking up in the shore, i had such a terrible headache.I looked around, the plane wasn't there.Or well.. it was.But it didn't look like an airplane anymore.Everyone inside plane died.I was the last survivor.

I could barely move.My whole body hurt.I didn't know where i was, but i saw a city in the distance.Decided to walk in..I had this weird feeling,that something was completely wrong.Managed to get into the firestation there was nobody there.Afterwards i remember that i saw The hospital in the distance.It was on fire, the streets were empty.Some cars were crashed in the middle of the street,it was also so silent.And then...it happened.I walked inside a pub, i had to sit in a chair because i was in pain.I saw this woman comming from the back of the store..She was messed up,she had only one had and her face was bloody!Her eyes were red she was slowly walking towards me.First thing i said was "Howdy partner"Although received no answer.When she came close enough i pushed her.She didn't get up though, she tried to

crawl towards me.Then i remembered what Colonel George told us :"Chernorussia have been infected by a virus, it seems that the dead came back to life, and they want to eat human flesh.If you get bitten you will turn into a zombie yourshelf.So avoid any contact with the infected.Shoot on sight" I grabbed my pistol and shot the bitch in the head.I was in shock!I quickly grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge, and started heading towards the door.I was so unlucky though,i saw more of these things walking towards the pub.Many more.You could hear their voices...poor lost souls!

I went to the back, opened a window and made my way out from there.I managed to get out of the city without attracting too much attention.I then, started heading north.

It was getting dark,so i decided to stop.Afterall i had such a bad day and i needed to rest.Luckily for me i found a barn!As i entered i saw this cowboy hat.

"well this looks better than my current helmet, plus this thing i currently wear is heavy"

So i decided to wear the hat instead of my military helmet.I tried to sleep inside the barn but i couldn't.I could hear them.Roaming around in the woods, searching for their prey.

They can smell you.If they see you, you have to run.Only shoot if it's neccesary!Remember, if you are loud you will attract more.

If you found this notebook iam probably dead.Or roaming around the wasteland.Anyway partner,this is one of the 5 notebooks i hid around chernarus.And the barn you are in, is the barn i slept.

Stay safe.And maybe one day, you will find another notebook of mine with my next story.


Thanks for reading the first part of my story guys!

It's probably a bad story, but oh well.I'm a bad writer!

Sorry for any spelling mistakes i made,keep in mind that English is not my first language.Please tell me what i can improve and i'll make sure to do it on the next chapter!

Also you can share your experience with John "job" here :


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Nice to see your keeping your trademark howdy partner in the story.....

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