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Standalone RP Server

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  • Sapphire

This is just a simple question but I just wanted to know for the people that play on the DayzRP standalone server does everyone just KOS or do some people attempt to actually role play.

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Well its back and forth really. Sometimes people from RP come to RP but then theres the people that come to play DayZ from other places and choose to be bandits and kill. But as said before, it is encouraged to RP but we have other people from other places who dont know what to do and join the server for loot and killing. So it is even between the two but from my experience I have been killed once and got into a few RP sessions a few times.

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  • Legend

A lot of players who want to RP put [RP] at the beginning or end of their character name. This shows who you might run into when in game and how many may just want to KoS.

Solving :)

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