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Guest Pandi

Your PID is very important, it basically feeds all the information about your character to the server/xml.

Someone may need to correct me on this.

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  • Sapphire

Player ID is basically in the name "Player ID" and the leader of a clan needs it for the XML of the group so you can wear the clans badge and be recognised as a member of that certain group.

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  • Emerald

Okey thanks, Just wondering cus i gave it like 3 days ago but i saw at a thread that some people got mad when people asked for it and just started wondering.

"Player ID" and "ID" are different things.

"Player ID" is for .xmls and other stuff.

"ID" means pretty much your ingame name and clan affiliation and some people will ask it in game and some people give it by typing "*ID*". And because some people asks ID when they meet new people, some people get annoyed by it because it's a stupid way of getting someones name and clan affiliation. It's okay when someone asks it in order for you to gain entry to their camp but when someone runs into a supermarket you are in killing zombies and asks for ID, it's not okay.

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  • Legend


Glad you got the answer

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