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Character reset?

Guest Pherion

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Guest Pherion

What happened? I stayed a couple of weeks away form the game, then I come back and there is an update and my character is reseted. I spawn in the air, fell onto a house and died and then I respawned.

Why on earth was my character reseted? My friend also had the same issue.

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  • Emerald

Theres been a server wipe so all gear characters have been reset.

Hope this has helped.

Also you had that spawn which needs to be fixed. This is at Stary/Novy I think.

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  • Game Master

There was a server wipe

This. The new patch is out, together with a server wipe.

Do you have more questions or do you want me to mark it as solved?

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  • Legend


Sorry Bryan beat you too it :P

You can take the next one

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