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Rmod - Setup guide


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This thread should explain how to install RmoD that will soon be obligatory to play with on dayzrp.

Don’t enable RmoD before it becomes obligatory in dayzrp as it may block you from joining the server or at least pollute your screen with some warnings :P.

Let’s get it started :

Step 1. Checking out the goodies


In this tunngle page you should find a download link with bunch of instructions how to install RmoD and general info . If you would like to, you can follow steps presented there or just read my sweet guide. Both ways done properly should work :D

Anyways, click DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL on the tunngle page or just click HERE .

Step 2. Downloading goodies

Download the archive file.

Open archive, you should see this :


@rMod – this is a already made folder with goodies inside you need

rMod.bikey – this is a file necessary for server admins, rMod for a client ( you) should work fine without it

Step 3. Dragging and Dropping madness

Go to folder where your Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead is installed.

For me, as I have a Steam copy, Arma 2 OA is located in

E:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead .


Change the hard drive letter and path accordingly to your setup.

Step 4. Installing RmoD

Paste/drag the @rMod folder from archive to Arma 2 OA folder.

Step 5. Editing Launch Parameters

Now, you need to inform the game you want to launch it with RmoD.

How to do this depends on your way of launching the game.

Currently there are many ways to achieve that : DayZ Commander, Six Updater ,Steam, some sort of Arma 2 Launcher . Still it comes down to 2 ways. Editing the run line command , or setting up cool software – Arma 2 Launcher by Alpinestars (for guide and info Go HERE )

Dayz Commander

Let’s take care of run line command on DayZ Commander scenario.

Command line in DayZ Commander is the Additional Launch Parameters.


You can write there many parameters that can improve performance (if you are interested look HERE for more details), or just like in this scenario – enable RmoD every time you launch DayZ via DayZ Commander.

To enable RmoD every time you enter server type this in additional launch parameters : “[email protected]” . Without “ “ of course :P.



If you are launching Dayz via Steam you need to edit launch options.

Right click on Arma 2 : Operation Arrowhead, click Set Launch Options and add following phrase :

[email protected]” . Without “ “ of course :P.

Arma 2 launcher by Alpine stars


My guide for this software can be found HERE

Anyways, this software should autodetect rMod. All you need to do now is to tick the box left of Rmod and save by clicking the floppy disk into the appropriate profile.

Step 6. ????

Step 7. PROFIT !!!

Launch the game, join servers with RmoD and have fun !

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Jason, for info what is Rmod and whole story behind it you might want to check this thread : http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rmod .

In short : Rmod is a mod enabling ALL the goodies from Arma 2 , OA that are banned from dayz to use.

Dayzrp will be running Rmod to provide custom skins, possible clan uniqe skins and whatever else Rolle/community will come to conclusion is awesome and worth adding :)

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Goz, you should also add if you do it from the sixlauncher, under the quick join and join buttons, all the way at the bottom of the window is the settings, you can also shove the command "-mod=rMod"

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I have stopped using sixlauncher as was/still is? A very sluggish piece of software. Anyways, ill give it a try and update the thread soon.

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