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The journal of the shadows

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(My character is not dead but this is RP reading and he wouldnt let anyone read the journal untill he dies.)

*You find an old journal in the tall grass with flowers next to a dead man in civilian clothing. Slowly you pick the black book with golden edges up and blow the dust and sand of it when the title reads. "The Journal of the shadows". When you flip open the book the writings on the first few pages are destroyed by blood but after three pages the book starts. And with that you start reading...*

April 2nd 2014

The brown dirt and dust falls off my boots ast i stand up in this cold spring morning. I hear the birds and they remind me of what used to be..I take a moment to wake up and gain my full consiousness. What i have done yesterday i will never forgive myself. It is something i would never think i could do. *He walks over to his backpack cracking a branch under his boot* I am a murderer now..They might have been bad people but still people. *he opens the backpack and grabs a bottle of water whereafter he walks pver to the river and sits down on the gravel putting the backpack next to him* Those men...They were assaulting someone in the fields a couple of miles away. I spied on them for a bit and saw what they were doing. They had tied the hands of the innocent man to the back of their pickup and started driving it dragging the man throught the mud, dirt and dust. I looked at the rusty pickup and the dirty bandits and i realised that inhad to intervene. There was enough sorrow in this godforsaken apocalyptic world already and this was unnaceptable. Taking a persons weaponry because you need them is one thing but torturing him for your own good is unacceptable..Terrible and jist cruel. I saw them laughing when the car stopped and the man who was tied up had countless of injuries due to the little drive and that for me was the switch. I opened my backpack to pull out the hunting rifle i had found before and in rage started firing at the bandits.With my first pull of the trigger i killed the driver who had gotten out and was beating the tied up man with a stick to the amusement of the other two bandits. The dead body covered the victim while the other two rapidly turned around to see where the shots were coming from. I shot the one with the light machinegun in the chest and hit the area around his liver. He didnt die immediatly and i was forced to shoot him again. Around that time i saw the last bandit who had found out where i was trying to flank me. I missed me first shot at him but the secondbullet made himself at home in the frontal cortex of his brain. I walked over to the body of the man flanking me and that is where i found this journal too. Anyway after taking what i needed i ran over to the car through the muddy plain and freed the survivor who said he would be in my debt forever. I said that i did not need thanks and that the only thing he can do for me is tell nobody i saved him. Nobody there in that part if chernarus may know about me. After that i started my travel home to Stary woch would be over eighty kilometres but i dont mind. After all i saw i have had enough for today. I packed what i needed from the bandits i killed and found a bicycle in the truck of the pickup wich i took to start my trip along the demolished and overgrown roads in the rain.



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