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Siblings/Parents of Toddlers/Babys

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All of us who are Siblings/Parents of a Toddler/Baby know its both a burden and a blessing, so what the best, and the worst part of it for you?

And only children, or forever aloners can laugh at us... Or we can laugh at them.

For me, its making my little brother smile that can make a shit day, one of the best.

And not spoiling the shit out of him....

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  • Sapphire

I could agree with you but my little brother sooo annoying but I guess that is what keeps us close.

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Guest magw33d

I've had a job before where I lived with a family and cared for their toddler most of the day, teaching him a little English, and generally hanging out. After spending 4 months with the little guy, we became quite attached, and I really enjoyed looking after him.

The worst part was taking him out for the day, getting caught short and having to use the bathroom (or not, out of circumstance). The second worst part was taking him out without a buggy and the little bugger wants to be carried. For a baby, he was a giant and I'm not stacked. In the heat of an Austrian summer, it was a fucking hard work-out. I felt mean if I forced him to walk too much as his chubby little legs couldn't really take the toll of a leisurely stroll.

I enjoyed watching kids tv, teaching him things on the Ipad (god bless those things), and getting away with eating ice-cream and sweets all the time. I've never had a little brother, but I sure would enjoy being a daddy. God help the world when a miniature little magw33d graces it.

Edit: I forgot the worst part. Pushing the little fucker around in a toy tractor for half an hour a day or he'd cry his eyes out. Fuck that thing.

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Best part about having a son for me is playing with him and the laugh and giggle and smiles I get remind me how much I love him. but the days when he is trying to get his teeth through are hellish.

All in all, love the little shit haha

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