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Nick Freeman: Survival

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This is my first time writing here and I know I have a lot of things to work on, but I hope as I develop this story I will be able to work on some of those things and it will improve. Any constructive criticism people have is greatly appreciated!


My name is Nick Freeman, I am an American surviving in a small Eastern European country called Chernarus. If you’re still alive to read this then I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Ground Zero for the infection, it somehow seems fitting this backwater former soviet puppet state toppled the greatest of nations and flipped the world right on it’s head.

I’m not much of a writer but there’s not many of us left and I figure we all need to do our part in making sure the world never forgets what happened. Who knows, maybe if we beat this infection, this thing might be in a museum someday.

Anyways, here we go.

As I said, my name is Nick Freeman. I am a United States Marine with the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit. Myself and my older brother Zackary who is also a Marine, were deployed with our unit to Chernarus during Operation codename “Harvest Red.” We were involved in seizing the Island of Utes before being deployed to the mainland to help put a stop to the rebellion. After the rebellion was quashed we were assigned to Utes once again as part of a small garrison that was maintained to guarantee that the region remained stable. We were garrisoned there for nearly 3 years by the time the infection broke. Life on the base was dull like any other, we all had our jobs to do and got on like everyone else. Having my brother there with me seemed like a godsend at the time and now...I can’t even imagine what it would be like going through this without him.

After the infection broke and the CDF failed to stop the spread of the disease Zack and I were part of the international community's military response, units from all around the world deployed to fight the infection head on. Prior to being sent in, we were told that this would be a walk in the park that the only reason it had escalated to this point was the CDF’s lack of resources and proper training. And as General Pershing said “The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle” so needless to say we were supremely confident. Shortly after arriving in country that confidence was ripped from our hearts with a swiftness and force that I can’t even describe. The sights and smells were something that even my worst nightmares couldn’t compare to.

While we were supremely prepared to deal with any human threat, this was something different. The infected wanted to tear us limb from limb, from the moment we were detected they charged with no intention of stopping. A shot to the chest from my M4 Carbine didn’t even deter them, they kept coming until you had torn enough flesh away that they collapsed to the ground in a pile of rotting flesh and bone or the brain had been destroyed. We moved from town to town clearing as many of the infected as we could and hoping that we were putting a dent in this thing but it was becoming clear that wasn’t the case. We’d clear a village on day only to return to it completely overrun the next. For as bad as it seemed to us the situation must have been rapidly deteriorating outside of the country as it wasn’t long until we had lost communications with the base. We were totally cut off in this hellhole and losing men fast. One of my closest friends Cpl. Brad Person was killed near a little village called Petrovka, one of those creatures whose legs had been blown clean off managed to crawl up on us as we were resting in our camp for the night. It got Brad in the leg as he fiddled with our communications trying to make contact with someone. He screamed out in pain and immediately fell to the ground, grabbing for his rifle the infected managed to crawl on him and went for his face. My friend Brad let out cry for help that was so full of fear that it could reduce even the toughest man to tears. That cry still haunts me to this very day, not a night goes by where I don’t wake up in a sweat hearing that scream. Once I heard Brad yell I leapt to my feet, grabbed my rifle and started sprinting towards the noise. Once I got there and realized what was happening I drove my Ka-Bar through the zombie’s skull and pulled him off my friends chest. Looking back on it, I almost wish I hadn’t. Brad’s face was gone, it was just a pool of blood and torn flesh with a helmet strapped to it. Somehow he managed to live for a few more minutes, his arms and legs flailing in pure terror. I can only imagine the fear he felt in that moment, unable to see, to speak, but knowing death was imminent. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my greatest enemy and a sight that shook me to my very core.

We gave Brad as best a funeral as we could and now resigned to the fact that we could do nothing to battle this infection we decided to head south to try to find a way back to base and out of this god forsaken country.

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A great beggining!


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