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Server time (UTC): 2022-05-23 02:24

"Waiting for Host"

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Question/Problem: I cannot connect.

Is the problem on the Mod or Standalone: The Standalone.

Does this problem occur on other public DayZ/ArmA/SA servers as well: Negative.

How long have you had this problem: The last ten minutes.

What have you done to fix this already: I've logged out and in. I have restarted DayZ. I have updated BattleEye manually.

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Hey too my offense, he did say there were only 12 people on, a system I thought you could only check through RP :P

I believe this thread here states that the server is currently having problems, which may still be the case.

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I've edited my post. Thank you for your patience while I learn the community's rules and methods.

I have also reviewed that thread.

Guess I'll wait patiently!

Yep all you can do is wait patiently hopefully the issue will be fixed soon

Closing :)

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